Could someone please tell me what these are called?

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  1. I ordered some Chloe bags from NM this morning and I'd like to know if they have different names than what NM calls them. I'd just like to know more specifically what they're called.

    This one says "Paddington Satchel, Gold"
    This one says "Small Debbie Shoulder Bag"
    And this one says "Mini Zip Clutch"

  2. Can't see the pics! :sad:
  3. I'm familiar with the 1st one because I used to own one just like it. It's also known as the "medium pocket paddington" It's a great bag... very versatile because you can carry it comfortably on your shoulder.
  4. I think I figured out how to show the pics. now. They should show in this post. Thanks!

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  5. I also bought the medium pocket satchel and clutch at NM! I already have the large pocket in black and love it! Can't wait to see what the gold looks like.:wlae:
  6. the gold pocket paddy is gorgeous; I used to own it. the bronze/gold paddy leather from that series of bags is slightly thinner and softer than other 2006 paddy leather... it's really wonderful. It's actually quite smooshy, and the metallic bags usually are not. It's a slouchy and smooshy bag... really unique and pretty. I hope you love it!:heart:
  7. yep and the other two are known by exactly the descriptions they have been listed by.

    Just be aware that the mini clutch is absolutely tiny, it really is not much larger than a wallet :smile: