could someone please take a pic wearing the besace messenger?

  1. I have to see it on. Male or female, I don't care. Someone? Anyone? Thanks in advance.:popcorn:
  2. i'd love to see a pic, too. the dimensions make it seem big, but the still photos make it seem small. i can't get the scale right. ack!
  3. helps a little - it looks huge. I guess I'd still love to see it a normal-size person!!! Anyone?
  4. i dont have any pictures, but ive seen many in person and theyre a bit smaller than the mens day bag. Not by much, but it's definitely noticeable. I would think the besace would look better on a female than the mens day considering it is a little bit smaller, both are gorgeous models though, and im hoping to aquire a besace this season or the next (hoping they make it in a red color similar to rouge vif or vermillion... its kind of annoying how balenciaga releases different colors for men and women now each season :cursing:)
  5. :nuts: hehehe, I've seen a couple of Blueberry coloured ones on eBay and I totally love this style!!! Mens or Womens... you can rock anyway you like I reckon!!! :supacool:
  6. I think it's a little bit smaller, or looks smaller because of the shape. Anyway, I have a sapin-like green one w/silver hardware on its way to me, so I'll see soon enough, I guess.
  7. Here is Besace Messenger in Roi Bleu on me; (Men's) Day Messenger in Sapin Green on my husband. I'm 5' 8"; he is 5' 10" and the bags are on their longest strap setting.


  8. Here's mine in Cafe...and I'm 5'4". The strap is set at the shortest setting. Will see if I can take better pics at mid-setting.


  9. Ha! I just bought cosmo_poet's bleu roi Basace last night on eBay! Looks fabulous on you, girl - hope it looks as wonderful on me!!!!!! ;) I can't wait to see her ...

    Your Men's Day looks yummy on your hubby, but I'll bet it looks just as good on you!
  10. What does this fit?
  11. A bunch of stuff. I have my wallet, sunglasses (Silhouettes, so the case is about 2.5" in depth), reading glass (ahem!), chequebook, ID/badge, papers, hand lotion, antibacterial gel, pen, cosmetics, etc. Dimensions are roughly 12.25" x 12.60" x 5.50".
  12. so then it could fit a binder, correct?