Could someone please help me??

  1. So here goes the story.....
    Last night I had a dream I was about 4 months pregnant ( I am not pregnant right now) and I kept stroking my belly admiring how big it got. I was at some sort of carnival with my byfriend and some other people. He kept giving attention to some other girl and I got really angry so I left on a bus to go back home.

    I woke up

    Today I come home from work and get the worst phone call from my boyfriend. He tells me his mom passed away. The other odd thing is that she had surgery sometime in February or so and was doing fine.. recovering well. She stayed home for the most part, however nobody was ever really home with her. My boyfriend had classes at night and went tot he gym in the day time, and his brother is in dental school so he was always out as well, the sister is getting married in September.. but it turns out the mother actually committed suicide which came as such a big shock. She was always so quiet and saying she felt a lot better as the days went by and had a wedding to look forward to and possibly having a grand child...

    I am so shocked and everyone is shook up. I have no idea how to be there for my boyfriend. I am not sure if hes angry because his mother could just leave her family like that or if hes just really depressed to have lost a mother.

    and also... could there be any freaky connection between my dream and this tragedy?

    Please help. Any advice is needed...tia.
  2. Im so sorry!! I send my condolences.

    I swear I heard that pregnancy dreams have something to do with death. I could be wrong...but it could have been some sort of premonition, most deff.
  3. Honestly? Yes, I believe so. I have found that when I dream of pregnancy or birth it means someone is going to die. When I dream of death, a pregnancy or birth occurs. I know several other people who say the same thing happens with them.
  4. give him a hug and a kiss, i am so sorry for your loss
  5. Oh, that's so sad. I agree to hug him and kiss him, just be there for him.

    As far as the dream, I've had dreams that seemed to correlate to things and I've had dreams that meant nothing. I once dreamed my best friend's daughter died. Nothing weird, related or unrelated, ever happened. And no, I never mentioned it to her.
  6. My DH lost both his parents to suicide. The same gamut of emotions will run through him as if she just died naturally. The family is going to analyze over and over again why she did what she did. Shock and anger seem to come first then horrible grief. My advice is to remain as gentle and caring as you can. Your guy is going to need a sounding board and you don't have to have all the answers. Just listen alot and give alot of hugs. Don't try to do everything too, let him do what he needs to do to distract him or burn off energy. Just be there for him. And take care of yourself. I'm so sorry to hear this but I've been through it so if you ever need to PM me, feel free.:heart:

    p.s. as for the dream, I would just write it all down (and every dream you have from here on out) and forget about it for a while. when everything settles down, you can go back and read them and see if anything correlates...
  7. That's so sad. I'm so sorry to hear you and your loved ones are hurting right now...just listen and be there for your BF. Your love for him will lead you on what to do and what to say.

    I have never heard of birth/dreams and hope to never have one.
  8. thank you all so much.

    bagnshoofetish, I can't imagine how much your DH must have gone through to have lost both his parents like that. Thank you so much for all the advice though.

    Its been so much harder because although I have been to a numerous amount of his familys birthdays and dinners... I can't been there for him physically. THey want to keep it just family for now and I know hes feeling so lonely.
  9. Sorry to hear of this.......I hope you are able to be there for your BF, he really needs all the support now!
  10. ^^^^^

    wow, i've never heard this......Im glad that I can't remember my dreams !!!
  11. I am so sorry for your loss. In the occasions of just family gatherings, a quick text on his way to the event might help let him know you're thinking about him.
  12. I am so sorry to hear that! The only thing you can do is be there for him. Listen to him when he needs it and give him his space when he needs that.
  13. I'm really sorry that this happened!
    And I've heard about the pregnancy/death occurences also but I've personally never experienced it.
  14. hang in there kiddo and stay in touch here for support. :tup:
  15. I'm sorry to hear.. My prayers are with you and the your bf's family.