Could someone help me with a list of all the Stephen Sprouse scarves?

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  1. Mods: I'm sorry if this information appears somewhere else. I did the best I could to search for the information I was looking for, but I only seemed to get results concerning the cashmere scarf.

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for such a demanding thread title, but I am just beyond confused, and my brain is fried from searching through threads but not finding the information that I'm looking for.

    This is what I think is available:

    - Leopard Cashmere/Silk pashmina - 3 Colours (grey, brown, red); Price approx. $600

    - Leopard Silk square scarf - 3 Colours (grey, brown, red); Price $ ?

    - Mono & Leopard Silk square scarf - 1 Colour (mono/brown); Price approx. $300

    - Mono & Leopard Silk long scarf - 1 Colour (mono/brown); Price approx. $260

    - Leopard Cotton square scarf - Colour(s) grey ?; Price $ ?

    I think all but the last in this list are from Fall 2006, the last in the list being from Cruise 2007.

    If someone could fill in the blanks in my shoddy list, and perhaps correct my terminology and pricing, I would be oh so grateful!

    Also, if someone could explain to me why the pashminas are still somehow available, I would be most grateful. I find it baffling that they seem to turn up at random stores and online!

    Finally, has anyone seen the 100% silk scarves anywhere - any colour combination, preferably in North America? Please let me know if you have!

    Many Thanks, and Cheers!

    : D
  2. Someone? Anyone?


    : )
  3. i'd like to know too
  4. The pashminas believe it or not have been made part of the permanent collection. They are still very hard to come because production is very slow but they are available in some of the bigger stores. I believe this only applies to the brown ones though.
  5. it would be great to add the pics next to the names and prices.