Could someone help me to authenticate AANETA bag?

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  1. Hi!

    I am going to buy Aaneta bag, but I am not sure if it's authentic? Can somebody help?

    I think there's no Aaneta fakes, because it isn't really famous designer, but who knows...

    So please check out these pics!!


  2. That is a very nice looking bag. I really don't know if it is fake, but I'll take a stab at it and say that it isn't because the hardware looks substantial and very rich. My assumption is that most fakes tend to skimp out on the hardware.
  3. Hi!

    Thanks for your opinion :smile:
  4. There are superfakes out there that do not skimp on the hardware... however, due to the fact that this designer is fairly recent and still considered "indie" at least to me... I would say this is most definitely real.
  5. it looks alot like some real Aaneta's i've seen in filene's basement recently!

    also given size/recency of brand, i'd be surprised if there were fakes... but then again, i was surprised to hear there are Phillip Lim 3.1 knock-offs out there.
  6. seriously, are you smoking crack Moni Moni?
  7. It looks like the one I had before. It has the similar lime green lining and I think the tag looked like that, though I don't have it anymore so I can't compare. I don't know if Aaneta bags are faked though. Good luck!
  8. Looks real to me. I had an Aaneta and it looked very similar to this one.
  9. Wtf?
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