Could someone give me some info. on a Balenciaga bag

  1. Hello, I am afraid I know nothing about Balenciaga Bags but while looking on the homepage of the PF I clicked on Balenciaga Bags under the IT Brands. At the top of this page is a picture of a brown Balenciaga Bag. I wondered if anyone could tell me anything about it and if it had a "name". Its brown and looks like the leather is carved in a pattern. Thank you
  2. Saich, welcome to the Balenciaga forum, old Fendi buddy!

    I think you're referring to the motorcycle bags, but they are known mainly by the particular size and shape of them, like the First, City, Twiggy, Work, etc. Which one in particular caught your eye?
  3. Saich, do you mean this one??
    The style is a First, and the leather isn't carved, it's just really wrinkly/distressed.
  4. Hi Deco, was looking at other bags these bags are really quite lovely is that you selling your petrol spy on ebay. Hi also to LouiseyPeasey (great name) yes I think thats it, when you say first do you mean its the first of this style bought out and if so I gather you cannot still get them unless listed on ebay.
  5. First is just the style name, because the first motorcycle bags Balenciaga brought out were of the same size and style. They're widely available in the stores in lots of colours, but if you have a particular colour in mind you might have to use ebay if its been discontinued.
  6. Saich, these Balenciaga bags are out of control!! I've never experienced an addiction quite like this one. You already know what it's like to hunt high and low looking for your favorite Fendi Spy colors. Well, multiply that obssession by a factor of 10 and you get to Balenciaga bags. Because there are so many gorgeous colors, and so many different shapes and sizes, each season's bags are different in color and leather texture, and they cost about half of what a Fendi Spy costs. So you think you can afford them more, and end up buying in multiples and spending much more in the end than if you were buying a $2000 Spy. It's painful, but its a good pain ;)

    And yes, that's my Petrol on ebay.:yes:
  7. Decophile, you put that perfectly. I think the colors, the variation of the leather in each individual bag is what sets Balenciagas apart from other bags. LV's are beautiful, then last forever but they all look the same. Balenciaga bags have "personalities".:heart:
  8. Saich, the First is also called the Classique.
  9. Thanks Deco I am a bit scared about getting one if the obsession gets you .....LOL.... you know how I am about Fendi spy's I also have obsession with Dior gauchos and their shoes (just bought another pair). I shall have to see if I can find one of these on ebay and read up on the threads of authentic ones as know nothing about them. Trouble is I also like the Chloe Betty. Decisions Decisions........