Could someone give me an idea of this bag

  1. a catch all with red a d sand leather strips and weave around the top. 2,500.00
    it was at the flag ship store in Montreal.
  2. What size was the bag? And was it from the Monogram canvas series? A woman's or a man's bag? I am totally clueless...
    Regina :confused1:
  3. Womens bag. the rest i dont know.
  4. Sounds like one of the rubis bags - there are three different sizes, I believe. Here is a pic, check the 2008 reference threads for more info. Search for 'rubis'.
  5. You should look in the reference pics thread. It's called tisse rayeur or something:confused1:
  6. Monogram Tisse Sac Rayure

    nope not that one... doesnt have a basket weave.
  7. that is the one I was thinking it was but didnt know the name thanks.
  8. yeah it sounds like the rubis. 3 sizes salena gm and pm and then there is the bucket.
  9. ^^ is that new for spring ?
  10. Yes, from the Cruise Collection S/S 2008.
    Regina :yes:
  11. Cool, I guess my mil is in love with this bag.