Could someone educate me about Tivoli's?

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  1. Okay, so my understanding is that they are on a wait list currently & sold out? Are there just two sizes - PM and GM? What is the retail price for each and what should I expect to pay for a used bag?

    Any help will be much appreciated :tup:
  2. yep, two sizes, PM and GM. GM you can put comfortably on shoulder, PM you can't really (for most people).

    tivoli PM - was $970 + tax but after the price increase yesterday it's probably over $1k
    tivoli GM - something around $1200 probably

    and supposedly it's sold out, but i'd just call 1-866-VUITTON and ask them to find one for you.

    to get mine (was a 30th bday present) my DH just went to Rodeo drive boutique and they told him they had none there but there was one at a neighboring store. He then just went there and bought it. htey are sold out a lot of places, but i still see them here and there every so often

    for more info on Tivolis should probably check out clubhouse thread
  3. Thanks for all of the info! Btw, I love your gif of your bags... too cute!
  4. ^thanks! :smile: and glad i could help! :smile:
  5. ~Tivoli PM $1,000 plus tax
    Tivoli GM $1,350 plus tax
    Great suggestion per *Sweetneet*, call the # and hopefully they can locate one for you. GOOD LUCK!~
  6. They also show up occasionally on the LV website. They are there for an hour or two & then sell (I am assuming). I would periodically check there too.
  7. The tivoli is such a beautiful bag:yes:



  8. i've the tivoli pm and i was at the waiting list before i got it. it's a very popular bag! :tup:
  9. We got lucky when I got my bag, it was the last one at the NY store. Honestly, now I wish I would've got something different. I never use it and don't even like it that much. :sad:
  10. you mean you regret getting the tivoli pm? why? :confused1:

    i love this bag so much. many people are waiting to get this bag. :heart:
  11. I have the Tivoli GM. This is the one LV purchase that I regret. I just don't use it very often at all and it seems so bulky and structured for me. I'm just not loving in. I feel awful because it just sits in my closet and it was a V-day gift from my fiancee'.

    I didn't know there was still a waitlist.

  12. I went through and read the clubhouse post but I'm still wondering... are the Tivolis still available on eLux? Nothing came up in the search results- are they sold out now or only available through LV?