Could really use some help from my fellow Balenciaga fans

  1. I am really in the mood for a new bag and can't decide what style. I'm pretty sure I want Sahara w/ giant silver hw.

    These are my choices


    Which do you think suits my size/shape best. (don't mind my pj's in most of these photos)




  2. Z&J, all those bags are gorgeous!!! And you look great with all of them, but my favorite is the day. Love how it hangs off your shoulder, the GH looks fab on you, but I'm probably biased by how thick and yummy the leather looks! But really, the day looks amazing on you- looks great with jeans! :smile: My second choice would probably be the work. Is there one size that's more functional for you?
  3. my vote is for the PT if you are going to get GH. it looks quite lovely on you.

    btw, are all those violet GH bags yours? you are really having quite the love afair with violet, huh? very nice!!
  4. I would say a Day or PT. The Day slouches more and can really bring out the great combi of the hardware and Sahara tone...
    All the best! Looking forward to your new bag! :woohoo:
  5. ^^ ITA!!! :tender:
  6. Yes! The Day!
  7. Another vote for the day!
  8. Love the work and the Day on you, but they're all gorgeous... if it's Sahara, you might get more color transfer on the Day as it rubs more agains the body, so I vote for the work, which is mostly hand-held :tender:
  9. I've never seen a day hang on someone so beautifully! Definitely go with that one!
  10. I wish! I kept buying and returning until I got it right. I now have a Violet Step that suits my needs 100%
  11. The Day or Work!
  12. i vote for the part-time.. it looks great on you!
  13. the Day :tup: hangs so beautifully on you ;)
  14. I second this!! Let us know what you decide!!
  15. So far I'm only able to find the Sahara w/ gsh in a city. Has anyone seen a day or work anywhere other then Bal???