Could one of my PF girls post pics wearing your Mandy?

  1. I so love this bag but would love to see it on considering I've never even seen one IRL. Thanks so much!:heart: ;) :heart:
  2. with a bulky hoodie on:


    and for size reference:
  3. Thanks girl! How do you like it?
  4. well...ended up returning it (bought it at an outlet and the guy who sold it didn't disclose damage. i refused to pay $720 for a damaged bag). but i've been kicking myself for returning it ever since!

    it's big, for sure. but it's proportionate for me. i loved it!
  5. It really looks great on you. I thought it was much bigger by what the Coach sight shows. Too bad we cant get some sort of deal for buying 2 at the same time.:supacool: Im really loving this bag too! :push:
  6. me too me too! they had the suede version at the outlet, but I live in texas, suede isn't very practical. I WANT ONE! :sad:

  7. Hey court, which color do you like best? Im thinking white for me.:drool:
  8. Kallison you are too cute! I loved that bag on you!
  9. What is the bag in front of it in the photo? Is it a smaller version? I thought the other, smaller ones, had 2 handles and this looks like just one.:confused1:
  10. This bag is my absolute favorite Coach bag at the moment (I have it in whiskey). I am only 5'1 but thinks it looks awesome on me. I say, go for it!!!
  11. It's the shoulder bag. The shoulder bags only have one strap.
  12. Hey Becca! Have any pics? Im only 5ft 2. I'd love to see how it looks on you;)
  13. I'm not huge on white for me. I think it's GORGEOUS, but I get stuff dirty. Maybe you should go for black or brown or whiskey just so it's more year round. For $800, I would want to be able to use it anytime, ya know

    I saw you talking about height. I am 6'2, so seeing a bag on me doesn't show an accurate show for anyone. I'm crazy tall (DH is 6'7"), no kids, but they'll be bball or football players for sure
  14. I always thought the Mandy was huge when you look at the site pic and all I know is that model must be very petite. I have it in Whiskey and also signature but I am 5'8" and I do not like really huge purses and this bag is one of my favorites. I had the shoulder which was way too small for me and I got the satchel which I prefer a shoulder but it is also pretty. I do not have any pictures but I think the site picture is really not true to size. The one SA from the outlet wears it well and she is only 5'4" and it looks perfect on her.
  15. [​IMG][​IMG]