Could not take my eyes off!

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  1. Attended a wedding yesterday and the Brides Maid placed her Hampstead DE in front of herself on the head table. I could not look at anything else! My eyes were focused on the bag instead of the beautiful bride. Now I want this bag! Has anyone else had this experience where seeing a LV at a function (or wherever) has consumed your thinking when you should be concentrating on whatever else is going on around you? I guess you could say this is a true sign of LV addiction! :smile:.
  2. Lol get the hampstead DE!! It's a gorgeous bag!
  3. Tried it. Shoulder straps were too short
  4. I saw a Eva at a wedding and for a year now, I have thought of that bag. Haven't bought it though.
  5. LOL. I have a Hampstead PM DE. I did something similar: I took mine to a government meeting in Ottawa and put it on the table right next to my microphone. There was no other room and that bag was not touching the floor.

    I saw a few people checking it out ... although, I wasn't sure if they were scoping the bag or wondering about the crazy woman with the bag (trust me, none of the few other women in the room had bags out, although I did see a colleague rocking a terrific pair of shoes). Anyhoo, I ended up getting a nice compliment on my Hammy from a military guy.

    It's funny, for so long women in 'male environments' were taught to hide signs of femininity in order to succeed. You still see that attitude a bit, but fortunately that way of thinking is slowly disappearing.
  6. Thank you for stating this! That is definitely a deciding factor for me. The bag is absolutely gorgeous besides that. My mind is now back on my future Speedy B DE. LOL. Have to keep focused on one bag at a time.
  7. A whole year!!! How have you done it? The Eva is such a versatile piece. Do you plan on getting her. I have actually seen a few on EBay for really good prices. I am wondering if women are selling to perhaps fund the Favorite.
  8. I have this bag in the MM size, the straps are adjustable in this size. My heart skips a beat every time I take her out of her dust bag to use her!
  9. Hahaha. Me too. Im the same way.