Could not let it grow, cut my hair short.

  1. :nuts: As much as I tried and told myself this time it would be different, I was really trying to let my short hair grow out. I think it might have been about 3 months since my last cut. Well my hair looked horrible, I felt horrible, no matter what I did---I just didn't like it......:crybaby:
    So this week I took my son to get his hair cut at one of those cheaper places $12.00 and on spur of the moment got my hair cut SHORT,,,,,,:wtf: ..
    It is a short pixie cut and the lady did a fantastic job. We looked at some pictures in some books and I told her I wanted a feminine cut but short enough to spike and wear messy......
    She did a beautiful job, I love it.:wlae:
    She also cut a lot of the redish blond color that my hair picked up last time I colored it, so now it is back to being pretty blond with some lighter blond highlights--hiding under all that---it looks like I colored it, even though I didn't. Funny thing is I have received many compliments from my firends on how this is really one of my best cuts, they even feel this lady cuts my hair better than my regular girl (who I think is great and I have always been happy with) but my hair has more of a edge to it--more rocker chic messy--I just think it looks cool....

    Now I have to deal with the lecture from Sister this weekend on my short hair, it really seems to bother her that I cut my hair short. She feels I should grow my hair out longer like hers but try as I might, it does not work.

    I just think personally short hair is for me and it makes me feel better.

    Has anyone done anything new to their hair this year? :supacool:
  2. Growing your hair out is really hard! I used to have really short hair too. I decided to grow my hair out but it seriously took several attempts to finally stick with it. In between short and medium there is this horrible awkward stage, and you just got to hang in there and suffer many months of bad hair days. Finally my hair is at a length I can do something with. My bangs on the other hand are a different story. :wacko: To be honest though I miss my short hair. It was a lot easier to deal with. I have been thinking about cutting it shorter again.
  3. sounds like a fun cut! post some pictures so we can see!!
  4. Sounds cool...I've always wanted super short hair, but I'm scared. So two thumbs up to you!!! But the only drastic thing I've done to my hair was go from heavy highlights to dark black hair.
  5. Wow! That's great! Much like handbag-luvr, I am scared to very short, although it is tempting. Congratulations!!!
  6. I have always wanted one of those really short hair cuts. I love them! I went fairly short (to the bottom of my ears) several months ago, but I have been letting it grow out since then. It is a little past my shoulders now. I did let my hair cut lady experiment with my hair the day after she returned from a class. I can't explain what she did to it, but I really like it! It kind of looks like the pictures I have seen lately of Sandra Bullock's hair, only longer.
  7. LOL, that's been the story of my hair for the past 7 years.. I've always had a really funky short (about 1 1/2 inches..) spikey blond pixie which I loved & got tons of compliments on. One time, I had 2 different women come up to me at an amusement park & ask to take a picture of my hair:shame: But with the urge to do something different, I would embark on a "growing out" phase at least once a year. I'd go maybe 12 weeks, when all my shape was gone & I couldn't stand it anymore then run back to my stylist & have it all cut off again. I'd be really happy for a few months, then it would start all over again.

    Finally, after many, many attempts, I have actually stuck with it & have grown it out for 7 months so far. I'm over that "hump", I'm glad to say. I just want a shattered bob about to my chin so I'm not really going long. I'm just not a long hair gal. I do miss my pixie from time to time. One day I just might go back;) Congrats on finding what perfectly suits you.. Some women spend their entire lives trying to find the perfect cut!
  8. I have been tempted for so many years by that Pixie style.....but I have really long hair it's difficult to let go. And I'm in the late 20's crisis..... where all I want is to look as young as my mind : stuck at 23 !!
    + there is that transition period,when it takes 1 year before it grows to a bob
    Any pictures of the hair or the style please ??? please !!
  9. Your haircut sounds really cute!
  10. I got a pixie cut over the summer and now I am trying to grow it back out b/c I miss my long hair!!! I seriously hate my hair now b/c it has no shape or style. I am so tempted to go cut it but at the same time I want it to grow out. I hate this transition! I may end up cutting it like you did:p
  11. Ooh!!

    Do post pics! :yes: It sounds like you've got yaself such a fab haircut!

    I miss my short hair... I lopped it all after when I was 17, and had it for about 1.5 years. I've had long hair since, but I sure miss my short "stylin'" cut as compared to my long "boring" hair. At least the bangs I've got now makes it a lil more fun. *le sigh*
  12. Oh, I wish I had't come across this, but I am glad you posted-I have had every length-to shoulder longest-and I love it as short as I could get away with-like Jacqui's on Workout-I loved it, everyone else hated it (too masculine, it wasn't butch at all, IMO)-I garden hard every day I can, short & spikey works-but I am sitting her wishing like crazy I had Veronica Lake length hair-I don't know how old you are, but sad to say I have been having this debate with myself for DECADES, and it's not over yet!