could my Coach bags be scarred for life?

  1. I have two Coach bags that need some serious help. First is a white nylon hampton. After a MAJOR rainday it started to turn yellow! :wtf: well mostly it was near the leather trimmings. I tried wiping it with baby wipes and it got a LITTLE lighter but its like nicotine yellow near the trimmings. ESPECIALLY on the flap, it is extremely nicotine yellow! Is there anything that can make it white again?

    Secondly is my soft white pebble leather tote bag. I didn't notice it when I bought it but there were something that looked like blue scratches at some places around the bag. I tried wiping it but nothing helped. Its not that noticeable but its still there and it annoys me. For one picture I changed the lighting so you see the bruises better but its not really that dark. I don't think there are any products from Coach that cures these spots so what should I do? Or are they scarred for life? :crybaby:
    IMGP2261.jpg IMGP2262.jpg IMGP2264.jpg IMGP2259.jpg
  2. my bruised leather tote bag :crybaby:
    IMGP2258.jpg IMGP2257.jpg
  3. for the pebbled leather try a white regular eraser to erase pencil with! for the nylon, good luck!
  4. I haven't read much about how to clean coach bags, because I'm just a new collector, and don't have much yet, but it looks like maybe the leather trim on the nylon bag ran a little...the color, and maybe that is why you have the yellow. I'm assuming it got wet. That's all the input I can give you...hopefully the experts on the forum can help you w/how to clean. Maybe you could find threads on this, and I think there is a section on how to clean your bag on the forum.:shrugs:
  5. The nylon one looks like the dye from the leather ran onto the bag. I don't think it can be fixed but maybe Coach would give you a refund?
  6. i tried and it didn't work :tdown:

    do you think the coach in macys will help me about the nylon problem?
  7. probably not, since it's an older bag

    also, the employees with macys that work at the coach counter usually aren't very knowledgeable about the bags.

    unforutunately, you might just be stuck

    have you tried shout wipes or a tide pen? or even a little clear detergent/woolite on a damp cloth?
  8. :supacool:I got a vintage coach from eBay and used Clorox Clean-up spray to get the stains off of a red bag...don't laugh it worked...(I tried it out of desperation...)
  9. :amazed: Clorox Clean-up has chlorine bleach in it! I am glad it worked but you are really brave for trying that. I am surprised that it didn't bleach out the red color.
  10. I had a bag with white leather straps and red dye from a t-shirt blead all over them. Coach leather cleaner actually got rid of most of the dye. It was unbeliveable. I would check with coach before you use the leather cleaner on the pebbled leather bag but it could do the trick.
  11. I got some kind of stain, I thought it was blood but it never came out, maybe it was choclate, out of desperation I went to the shoe maker and he gave me something called "Neo Cleaner" and I rubbed a bit on the spot and it didn't really do anything, or so I thought, but then low and behold it is gone now! I was amazed.

    I have had the white eraser work on pebbled leather before too, but if you tried that and failed, I am sorry.
  12. yeah, try the tide to go pen
  13. One of the Coach SA's told me to use a magic eraser or clorox wipes on my white tote. I haven't tried this yet. I just bought mine a few weeks ago and haven't carried it.