Could Mulberry Do This?

  1. I can't believe they're discontinuing the HBS i swear they've sold out really quickly every season and they're so cute! Maybe this means they have an even better small satchel in the pipeline...:thinking:
  2. Yeah, what a great idea!!! I'm sure we could all do a fantastic design job, cos we use the bags and know what works and what we need.:smile:
  3. I think they should do a competition and the winner gets to work alongside Emma hill and design a bag...! could be limited edition .. Would be amazing! :biggrin:
  4. Can you buy just the staps from the bags?
  5. I'd love an Alexa-type tophandle for my Brynmore. Its so annoying not having one.
  6. There was a tpf competition not so long ago and a bag was designed and made to tpf members specifications I cannot recall which designer it was though that made them, a satchel style with shoulder strap in a hard wearing finish.
    Mulberry used to make bespoke bags as well a couple of members owned them, I remember an oak printed roxanne and a beautiful orange one too with labels saying bespoke inside.