Could Mirror line be the usual product like Multicolors in store?


Oct 2, 2006
I just fall in love with the Mirror line,but I find that too late....I also don't want pay more on eBAY,so could it be possible that these gold and silver bags become usual product in LV,just like what LV did in past since this line has done so well so far.

No one can refuse profit(I hope so....)

Does anyone know anything,or heard anything about it?
Hmmm, I dunno. Going off the past they would probably let it go. The cerise, graffiti, panda, ambre, and so on never continued. But who knows...sorry couldn't be of more help.
i asked my SA that question today, she said probably not since this is supposed to be a limited line. sadly, the SAs are not allowed to even get a miroir bag! i guess to let the rest of us get one...