Could it help to mention authentication resources in your listing?

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  1. I'm about to list a bag on eBay and was curious if it would help or hurt my auction if I mention sites like TPF and carol diva and my poupette?
    Or should I just leave it alone?

    I like to make it clear that I do not accept returns on any listing, and that the bag is guaranteed authentic. So I can't help but feel like I should mention "for authentication on your eBay purchases please visit:----"

    What do you think?
  2. Why don't YOU pay carol the $6 and THEN put it in the listing that you have had it professionally authenticated. It is the responsibility of the seller to prove that what they are selling is authentic. Just add the $6 into the price of the bag. I do it and I have never had a problem when selling a high end bag. It could help the final price you receive......confidence in authenticity might inspire more buyers to bid more!
  3. I thought on *bay you couldn't endorse authenticating sites such as tPF but lots of sellers do it anyway. Plus, paying Carol to authenticate the item before selling it will inspire more confidence in interested buyers. Then you don't get such questions as "Is it authentic?".
  4. I just bought my first high-end bag on eBay, and the seller mentioned she had her bag authenticated by Carol Diva. I still linked the auction here for a second opinion, but I do admit that it drew me to her listing.
  5. I've actually wondered the same thing. I'm about to list and sell a high end bag and I thought that I would also have carol diva authenticate it and mention it in the listing.

    Similar question and I'm sure OP would like to know as well, should we also have it authenticated on TFP and provide a link in the listing to the post with the bag? I know it's not official, but it might help them to not only read that it's been done by a professionally and legally accepted service but also they could actually see it being done on some level as well as well.

    Double piece of mind? Or overkill?
  6. Is there a list of paid authentication services? I plan on listing a few items and would like a list. I know of few: caroldiva for Louis Vuitton, etinceler authentications for Chanel, and Castira for Gucci. How about Coach, Prada, Hermes, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs?
  7. I authenticate my items before listing with either or I think all potential buyers should double check with the authenticators if this has been stated in the listing. They are well respected by eBay and both organizations are very particular in the detail and type of photographs they require. So the buyers always get clear detailed photos to view. I also like having the authentication email to refer to eBay immediately if there were ever any need to do so.
    It's not overkill at all in my opinion, rather a sensible approach to preparation for listing.
  8. Carol used to do Prada and a few others iirc. You could ask her what she authenticates these days.
  9. /\ That sounds fair enough.
  10. I would mention visit tpf to get it authenticated for free. Paypal can still rule for the buyer to return it even if it says otherwise on your lsting.
  11. one of my favorite sellers will always mention if she has had a bag authenticated by carol. i believe she is the only person she uses because i don't recall ever seeing any other name mentioned.
  12. Ya know I mention that I am a TPF member in my listings and they can email me or message me for my ID. Then I would tell them to have it authenticated here if they were uncertain.
  13. I have thought to add this info still as I just put up my auction. I saw other listings with these 3 authenticators... I already received 2 questions "is thi bag guaranteed authentic?" and my auction says it is! Did they not even read it? They also asked me if they found out if it was fake could they be guaranteed a return. It's definitely real. How do I answer this question? I don't want them to have a non reliable source tell them this and then I have to get it back. Or have them get buyer's remorse and use that excuse.
    I think it sounds good to have someone else authenticate it first and provide the proof. I would like to sell this bag as soon as possible and wonder if I would have time?
  14. The authenticators mentioned usually have a 24 hour turnaround or less.

    I still get people asking me if my things are real even though I have pre-authenticated. That's why I also refer them here to the purseforum. If people are not willing to have open authentication processes, then I would prefer not to sell to them. I have been abused by one buyer who was "too busy to authenticate on the purse forum", but not busy enough to hassle me, then later resell the item.

    Don't forget that some people just spray questions at sellers without reading the listing, or have a second language issue. I sell to lots of people who have a different language to me. Usually it is absolutely fine! There is also the option of blocking individual buyers from bidding on your item - you could decide that if they don't read the listing, you don't want them to bid and avoid a later hassle. It's under buyer restrictions - the page title is Block bidders or buyers from your listings

    . Good luck.
  15. I don't think I would mention my membership here because I haven't been a member for long and I don't have a lot of posts.

    But I would mentioned they could authenticate it themselves in the forum