Could it be true.........Fidel Castro too sick to rule????

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  1. Oh please , please, let it be true...........maybe I'll get to see my country and my family again..................!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I heard the same thing. I think he passed on the rule to his brother?!
  3. is his brother more passive??
  4. Here's a detailed story from - - Castro hands power to brother temporarily - Aug 1, 2006

    I would love to go one day and see where my grandparents grew up, where my parents were born... not sure if that will happen in my lifetime, but maybe my children will be able to go :smile:
  5. Do people really think that things are going to change if Castro is out or dies? They just said that he transfered power to his brother.
  6. No, we don't think things will change, but it is a small victory for people like me who Castro directly affected. All I hope for that man is death.
  7. The man has been sooooooooooo evil, for so many years, he has been in power longer than any other ruler except the monarchy in england......My grandparents and parents died without a chance to go back nor see the family left behind, hopefully, I can go back one day to see the country again, and bring my children and grandkids with me......will his brother be way, if anything his brother is weirder and just as evil, but he is 75 and, sometimes in the process of these changes, new opportunities for changes happen unexpectedly, his death would be greatly welcomed, I hope he is ready for his aftermath, if punishment for evil doings exists, this guy will get the OSCAR for 2nd greatest achievement in the field of crimes against humanity, and for longest performance.

    Many mojitos will be drunk in his honor upon his death...........
  8. I hope he burns in hell...not to be too blunt about it.

    However, the news this morning was saying that his brother is even more stringent and will dispatch the military even more.

    Perhaps...but even the brother is 75 and hopefully won't be around much longer.

    What I fear is a power vacuum where many parties try to get to the top and start a civil war. However, I would hope that a strong, decent leader would emerge. I'd LOVE to visit Cuba someday! I've seen photos and it is so beautiful.

    Best wishes to those with family there or from there. I'm praying for you!
  9. Casto Creations, that is such a wonderful post from you........if you get a chance rent Lost City with Andy Garcia, the fashions, life type of the cuba prior to Castro, some good, some not so good is very well pictured and the music is incredible as are the clothes we used to wear........Hopefully, the 24 hour barrage of propaganda, claiming that Yankee Imperialists will destroy the country, etc., etc., has not diminished the country's will and they will adapt to change .....can you imagine internet access is forbidden, except to those in higher government positions, but, some have managed to put together computers and are going to the internet.....what a void in that country for almost 50 years..........standing in line with ration cards for a couple of pounds of rice, bread, etc., when the soil in that country can produce is very hard to stop the flow of progress for that long in a whole country, except, as he has done by murdering and encarcerating all who protest and making it impossible to leave or come in and keep food as the main pursuit on a daily basis..........I can just about bet that cuban women still yearn for gorgeous handbags........maybe that is the way to go, drop off planeloads of shoes and handbags from the yankee imperialist ladies..........
  10. Big changes in store for Cuba? Or more of the same?
  11. I think that the fact that the government has told the Cuban people Fidel Castro is in surgery is a big sign that he may already be dead. In the past, they have hidden news like this from the Cuban people. It is believed that he is either very sick/dead or that the country is doing a dry run to see how to people will react.

    Many people are questioning whether there will be change or not, but we have hope. Hope is pretty much all that get's us through. Some people are saying how evil it is to celebrate a man's death, but they do not understand because they do not understand what Castro has done to the island and it's people.

    I want to thank all the beautiful ladies on PF who are pushing for democracy in Cuba!