Could it be that i am still sleepy or this is true?

  1. this is one weird looking tag.. :shrugs:

  2. Its fake I reckon
  3. I know, it might be fake :confused1: but i did not think that they made the Twiggy with GH.:shrugs: I wasn't trying to purchase it, i was just questioning the Twiggy with GH.:smile:
  4. i'm not sure if they made the twiggy with gh but i'd say it's fake based on the tag alone..
  5. i dont think they make twiggys with the GH hahaha
  6. I'm pretty sure that the twiggy wasn't made w/ GH...too bad though because the GH actually looks pretty good on the twiggy.
  7. Doesn't it? I thought the same thing myself. Too bad the Twig doesn't come with GH. A magenta twiggy with silver......that would be a rockin bag.
  8. I actually like this twiggy! And the color's lovely- wish it were real...
  9. Yeah sadly it's fake:yucky:
    why on earth didn't Balenciaga make GH for the twiggy:cursing:
  10. Wow...some of those fakers really don't do their homework, do they?!?
  11. such a pity... GH on twiggy looks fabulous ! :sweatdrop:

  12. That's what I was thinking! LOL!!
  13. I kinda like the GH on the Twig but I like the tassels much better. I checked out her other transactions....fake as well. That Chloe Paddy looked especially nasty! :yucky:
  14. This is definitely a fake doesnt have this kinda of leather tag.....furthermore, can sell it at USD700+......:smile: