Could it be Lawn Green? Spring has arrived at Angel's!

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  1. Good Saturday to all!

    I scored a Lipstick Traces silhouette on Ebay and I thought I would share my pics. Enjoy! Spring is on it's way. She is in pristine condition, I am very happy.

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  2. That is such a cute bag! It will be perfect for spring and summer! I believe that it may very well be lawn green! I remember wanting that bag when it was first released a couple of years back.

    Any modeling pics??
  3. WAY CUTE!!!!!


    Now if spring weather will just show up already!!!
  4. Oh that's so pretty!! And isn't it fun to find some of the "older" styles that you just love the looks of and haven't seen before. Congrats! Definitely not something you see anywhere and will also be fun to carry.

  5. Looks like lawn green to me! Congrats Angel!
  6. I for the life of me can not take modeling shots all you see is flash and when I turned off the flash the pic was horrible.
    I'll try for ya Kings.

    Now if spring weather will just show up already!!!

    Deb I hear you about the spring weather we have had our share of winter.

    Joan I really love this bag I think I will have alot of fun carrying her in the spring and summer.
  7. Thanks KMH. I think Voo pointed out it was Lawn. I just lurve her.
  8. Oh nice, I saw that on ebay as well - lawn is soooooooooo pretty!
  9. It really is a different green, this is my first green bag and I love the naked leather on the straps and handles it just adds to it. Thanks TK! Now I am seriously on a ban now. I really don't have any more room or arms to handle any more bags. LOL Plus my hubby just gives me the look. I think all you married girls know the one I mean.:wacko:
  10. YAY! You got her! Congrats!
  11. It is GORGEOUS! Love it! Glad you bought it so I didn't have to. Hehee. :greengrin:
  12. I really like the lighter green w/ the light brown trim. Very pretty.
  13. Boogie so glad I helped you out. LOL It is a keeper that is for sure.
  14. Thanks Voo now I know her name and color thanks to you!!!

  15. She is very pretty Dede I wish you could see her IRL. I walk by the room and think oh I can't wait for spring.