Could it be? Knocking at the door!!!!

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  1. Oh my, could it be my white Weekender :confused1::yahoo: :confused1:
  2. yay!!!!!!! please post sone pics for us:party:
  3. WOW!!! white weekender must look stunning!!! it's so big and blank! :yahoo:
    post pics!!!!
  4. I really hope so ;)
  5. Oooooh cant wait to see!
  6. Holy moly :yahoo: It is my new white Weekender :yahoo:Now my new black Part Time has a sister :tender: They will have to wait patiently for their other sister, grey Shopping :graucho:

    I will post pics in a bit. I am sitting up a play date for them :party:
  7. Can't wait to see pics!
  8. :popcorn: pix please !!
  9. wweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee NEW b-bag just before Xmas!!! woop woop woop!!! congrats!!!
  10. Here she is, my new white Weekender and a family pic of her and her new sister. Aren’t they darling :love: (Weekender was blushing a bit because of the lighting...)

    A big thank you to CityChris for bring them together. (CityChris's post about the sale at Gretta Luxe)
    White_Wkn.jpg family.jpg
  11. Soooo pretty! :love:Congrats!
  12. oh, your white weekender looks amazing.Congrats to your newest addition!
  13. ohhh how FAB!!
  14. I looooooooooove it..just beautiful:love: :love:
  15. Beautiful!! You are so very brave to have such a large white bag!!