Could it be... CL Boutique to open in Costa Mesa, CA?!

  1. Amazing! Now I'll have one more place to shop when I visit my girls in So. Cal!
  2. that would be awesome, plus it totally makes sense because SCP Saks doesn't carry CLs.
  3. omg that would be awesome!
  4. I heard about this. I'm so excited :smile:. Too bad i'm moving in may to the UK :sad:. Are there any boutique's in Scotland??
  5. NM at Fashion Island has plenty of CL styles. There were a few at Barney COOP at the Grove also.

  6. Oh that would be awesome! I have lots of family in CA. Although anywhere in CA is pretty much shopping heaven compared to Vancouver!
  7. ^true..Vancouver does lack a lot in the shopping area and everything is so expensive. :sad: Luckily there is a CL boutique in Beverly Hills!
  8. I am not sure if this has been mentioned or not, but IT'S OFFICIAL...CL IS OPENING IN SCP DURING THE FALL 2008!!! :yahoo: Get your cash and/or cards ready ladies! I just saw this today in the "C" magazine (I believe this is the name) was the edition for this month or maybe it was July, but I definitely saw the comment that CL is opening during the FALL was an add for SCP.

    I am so excited even though I cannot afford these gorgeous shoes juuussst least I can see them IRL now, if you ladies don't purchase ALL of them ;)
  9. ^^If you see them IRL, you will want them. You just won't be able to help yourself.

    If anyone finds out the exact date, let us know!! This calls for a meetup!
  10. oh dear...that's dangerous! haha.
  11. Meet up...yeah lets do it!! :yahoo: I am ALL for it, even if I just have to offer shoe advice...I still would like to meet ALL of you FAB LADIES & learn a thing or 2 myself!

    If I hear anything more specific about the Fall 08 opening...I will post a note ASAP!
  12. What? First the baby, now you're moving!!! You live a very exciting life! :nuts:

    Are you still going for the job at CL?
  13. When did this happen? How awesome! Are you not going to interview for the CL job anymore? Congrats!!
  14. ^ Ladies, she posted that last February, and it's now August and she's still here! Yay!