Could I wear this for a black tie wedding??

  1. I escaped the entire summer without one wedding, and now I have a bunch coming up in October and November. I'm OK on wardrobe for all of them, except the black tie one.

    Can I wear a dress like this? Sophia Short Silk Dress - Dresses - Catalog/ Exclusives - ??

    I sort of feel like I won't be comfortable in a long gown the entire evening, but obviously, if I have to wear one, I will, I don't want to look out of place. I know my friend's parents are going all out for this event so it will be pretty lavish... will I feel out of place in this?
  2. lavish black tie wedding = long evening gown
    at least for me
  3. I think if you pair that up with some very fancy shoes and a super nice clutch-you will be ok. It also depends on what color you plan to purchase.
  4. I agree. Its really cute, but I think more of a longer dress for black tie wedding.

    What about this? - the browns really cute.

  5. I think you have to wear a long gown, especially if it's at night, and especially if this wedding is in Chicago. I was in Chicago this weekend and was really impressed at how much people dressed up for events, I saw lots of people walking to black tie things and they went all out.
  6. well the dress actually isn't that short. the name of the dress makes it sound like it would be knee length, but i could see this being appropriate with some flashy/classy jewelry, some very fancy shoes and a nice clutch. it would look very old hollywood with a fur stole. but as someone pointed out, it's in november in CHICAGO! if it was LA or SF, i would say go for it, but with chi-town i'm not so sure!
  7. It is a beautiful dress, but I wouldn't risk it for a black-tie event, especially if you know everyone else will be going all-out. A long gown is always appropriate for a formal event and you know for sure you won't feel out of place wearing it.
  8. How tall are you? I know if I wore this dress it'd probably come down to my ankles because I'm so short. The dress is really cute (I want it in red!), but if you have to wonder if you're going to be out of place amongst the other guests wearing it, then unfortunately you probably will be.

    Have you checked out's selection of evening gowns? They have some really beautiful floor-sweeping dresses.
  9. In the back of my head I guess I figured I wouldn't be able to get away with a shorter dress and would have to do a long gown... even though that dress isn't short, almost tea length. But I just needed that final push to convince me... Hopefully if I start looking and trying things on now, I'll be able to find something I like. Thanks for the final push into realizing I need to do the long dress for this event. Oh well... I still do like that Jcrew dress, wish I had something else I needed it for because I do think it would look nice.... Iguess just not for this
  10. I think this dress would be fine for black tie. I would get it in black, though.