Could I Rock it?

  1. ok so i posted this as a response to someones thread and i realized that i was wondering this on a serious level...

    i have a problem tehe.

    i always have the impulse to have the same bag in 2 colors...

    i have these 2 coach... that i LOVE, these aren't pix of MY bags but the same thing that i have heh...

    then i have the grey dooney and i LOVE the shape... AND before i bought the platinum grey, i said i wanted it in pink (but didn't know it exsisted...) now it's at the store (and i'm broke) do you think it'd be worth it? 157 and change? i love teh grey one but could i rock the pink??
    BlackCoach1.jpg sigCGalleryPouchbrwnkhkigldMINE.jpg MyNewDooney!.jpg I WANT.jpg
  2. The pink. Always pink
  3. Oh no. Now I found another bag I want!:shocked:
  4. I think you cando the pink. The style is simple enough :smile:
  5. Of course you can rock the pink! Go for it!
  6. vote for pink !
  7. The pink is nice, but before buying it think if it would match your outfits, otherwise it will stay in your closet.

    PS: weren't you on a ban? Be strong!
  8. I am so in love with that grey bag AND the pink one that I came back just to look at them! Are those available online?
  9. To be honest, the pink one is the only one that really appeals to me :shame: Get it!

  10. ew you're so right... purseban= :crybaby:

    they still have it, they no longer have layaway at stupid TJMaxx! :crybaby: boo!

    i keep hiding it but i'm really afraid someone will buy it... hopefully no one thinks they can rock it and i find it when i have the money!

    BOO i found it in purple (which i also said i wanted before i bought the grey...) too! *cries*


    eBay: NWT Auth Dooney &Bourke AWL Leather Medium Hobo Bag New (item 110103360576 end time Mar-21-07 12:45:28 PDT)


    eBay: NWT Dooney & Bourke AWL Leather Medium Hobo Bag Fuchsia (item 110103357741 end time Mar-21-07 12:39:53 PDT)

    sky blue

    eBay: Dooney and Bourke All-Weather Leather Medium Hobo NWT! (item 330099529023 end time Mar-22-07 19:30:42 PDT)

    now this just pisses me off cuz it's the one i have, it's less than i paid for it and it comes with an effing MATCHING COIN PURSE... boo times twelve.

    eBay: Dooney & Bourke Platinum Medium Hobo + Coin Purse NEW (item 320091836543 end time Mar-18-07 12:20:52 PDT)

    :hysteric: i want too much :hysteric:
  11. The pink is an adorably cute bag, and that is it. How long to you want to be cute with that bag? My gut feeling is to rock something else instead.
  12. true true.