Could I pull this off with tights/skinny jeans??? PIC

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    I bought this dress for VDay, it's so flattering on, I love it, BUT it's going to be snowy and freezing cold, so needless to say i won't be rocking it without a jacket and something on my legs ... so ... could I pull off dark skinny jeans and heels with it, or tights/leggings and boots? Thoughts/opinions? THANK YOU! Oh, I got it in the milk color, I am tan and it was more flattering ... thanks again ! :ty:
  2. i like the idea of leggings with some boots.... i don't think jeans would work with it as the cut is too low.
  3. I think leggings and boots would be fine. Jeans would look funny IMO.
  4. Do leggings, not jeans. I think it's a gorgeous dress by the way, you made a great choice.
  5. leggings or skinnies....
  6. leggings for sure, skinnies would look odd...
  7. Leggings and boots would be really cute :smile:
  8. Leggings and tights with boots or booties and a leather jacket.
  9. Thick tights and boots. The dress is too soft to go with jeans
  10. The leggings would look great but not with jeans...its too long to be worn with jeans.
  11. Definitely leggings. Jeans wouldn't mesh too well with the dress.
  12. I agree with everyone else. Thick tights or leggings, not jeans.
  13. I would wear it with opaque tights. It's going to get weighed down with the thickness of leggings.