Could I possibly get a Peltro Veneta for winter?? HMMMM???

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  1. I am thinking I need a med veneta for winter. The copper rame is great for summer and fall.
    Would peltro need to be a SO?
  2. You can only get Peltro as a SO as far as I know. I ordered a wallet in Peltro last year. It came out gorgeous! I'm also dreaming of more Peltro.

    BTW, I love your avatar. Those shoes and that bag is TDF. Very classy looking!
  3. mouseptrolix, you have really gone BV crazy! but a peltro or a armatura ( the original one) veneta would be gorgeous.
  4. IMO, the rame is a year around bag... especially this winter where the colors are definitely in the copper/red brown family. Add at least 30% to the retail price of the med. veneta and the wait of approximately 18 weeks. The armatura - a very different look - much like your rame, but in a German or nickel silver color - might readily be available in medium for retail price... Contact Hawaii to check for sure. My advice: keep wearing your absolutely gorgeous rame veneta!!!
  5. I think a peltro veneta would be pretty cool :graucho:

    I'm desperate for a peltro something too!
  6. Have been advised by SA that they are no longer doing peltro, even in SOs
  7. Peltro is discontinued. I have taken this news hard and find it difficult to move on.:hysteric:
  8. I was a few days late. I've just decided to do a SO cabat and then was told this. I am heartbroken.
  9. Sad news.

  10. oh nooo...i just talked to the manager of my local BV boutique and was informed that they all received emails from corporate like july 29th i think about how peltro would be discontinued...

    btw was peltro usually in nappa or any other leathers?
  11. ^^I am with you on this. I didn't get my second Peltro wallet or my large make up case.
  12. But piperlu you probably got the last cabat in peltro, congrats again.
  13. I glanced at this thread in the list and felt compelled to post. It just makes no sense to me that Peltro was discontinued. BV really needs a silver metallic. Everything has been gold or bronze. Still bummed. :crybaby:
  14. ^^ Could this mean that TM has come up with another breathtaking silver and it's coming for the next season?? Wishful thinking I know...
  15. ^^You're right ReRe. Honestly, I'm very grateful to have it too.

    Jburgh, you're right about BV needing something in the silver family. They do seem to have quite a bit of gold these days (although very beautiful).