Could I Possibly Be The First Pf-er To Get A Violet RH City From Balenciaga, NY?

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    First I must apologize for having so many different threads going today! But I thought whomever is on the waitlist at Bal, NY for a Violet City with regular hardware would want to know they a starting to come in. It's really just a heads up post, so no biggie if you are sick of me, and don't want to post a response!

    I got a call this morning (sorry I do not recall the SA's name, but she was making the call for Daphne), letting me know that my City was in. I called back and Daphne answered the phone and I could tell immediately they were super super busy. Despite being so busy Daphne was incredibly sweet and helpful, taking the time to answer my questions regarding the bag and leather.
    Even though I live in Southern CA, I am pretty sure the bags I have gotten from them before came pretty quickly. Just keep your fingers crossed for me, because I have only purchased two bags direct (a FB Matelasse and FB Shoulder) and both were returned. So in essence this bag will be the first Bbag I have where I will be the original owner, and if I fall in love with it, a Violet First will be next!!!
    So get ready RH Violet City gals, your bag will be coming soon!!!
  2. Deana, can't wait to see your bag! Good news for everyone waiting for a RH violet!
  3. Deana, I was just wondering the same thing! :yes: Daphne called me earlier today, too and said my city was in as well!! I cannot wait to see everyone's violets!! :nuts: :nuts:
    I hope that you will love your violet!!! Do you plan to get any accessories, too? :graucho:
  4. Great news for everyone! I can't wait till they show up at Neiman's next.
  5. I'm really excited to see some pics! Thanks for the news update.
  6. I can't wait to see the pics!!

  7. I'm on the list for a RH violet city. Do you remember when you asked to be put on the waitlist, Deana?
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    Not off hand, but let me look through my emails, and maybe some threads here and see if I can give you an idea of when I called! Check back on this thread to see what I've found out! That's great news that cate got a call too though, so at least we know they aren't getting one bag in at a time!

  9. Did Neiman's order them?

    Congrats Deana! This is special...actually being the original owner! Whoo!
  10. I called today to be put on the list for the rh city. I was told there was a good chance of getting one even though the list was long.
  11. congrats! i believe you are the first one. yay!! can't wait for your pictures.
  12. Yay! I'm sure she's going to be a beauty, joining the rest of your yummy bags! Can't wait to see pix!
  13. Deana...I can feel your excitement! I can't wait to see your pics of the darling violet when it comes home to you.
  14. Yay, Deana! Congrats, look forward to seeing some of your always amazing pics!!!!
  15. Okay I went through my emails and it looks like I was put on the list for a Grape First and City both with regular hardware the first week in May. On May 8th, I emailed my SA at Bal to be added to the list for a Jaune MakeUp Clutch, and I verified that I was on the list for the two Grape bags, so it was deffinitely the first week of May. I hope that helps some of you wondering how long it will be before your turn is up. I do know that the SA's are incredibly busy, so it is kind of hard to get guesstimates from them on how long it will take to get to you.