Could I have a dislocated rib?

  1. When you look down at your chest under your breasts are you ribs even? Is it flat there? I never noticed before but on the left side it comes up higher. I'm also noticing some breast tenderness more on that side. I'm wondering if I might have dislocated my rib. If I lay down or stand up even and look down it's just bigger on my left side, like where that rib is. I hope it's nothing worse. I'm due for my gyno checkup and I'll ask her but I'm just wondering if anyone has had anything similar. And of course I'm getting freaked that it could be something worse.
  2. My mom dislocated a rib while kick boxing. It was actually a muscle that knotted up and dislocated it.
    If you're feeling any type of discomfort, go to the doctor and have it checked out.
  3. It's highly probable you dislocated a rib. My ribs aren't flat, but they don't stick out more on one side like yours.
  4. Well, I first noticed it shortly after I tried to learn a new pole dancing trick that was somewhat uncomfortable. Last week I did a lot of chest exercises at the gym and now it's feeling tender. I just never noticed before if I was higher up on one side before or not. Tried to call my doctor today and her office was closed. It's not really painful so I guess it won't hurt to wait.
  5. I have the same problem. I had severe rib pain at the end of my pregnancy and it hurt to breathe. I assumed my ribs were bruised from the baby. I recently lost about 30 lbs and I noticed that my rib sticks out a lot on my left side and it is very noticeable even if I am wearing a form fitting shirt. I just assumed it had something to do with the trauma during my pregnancy and I am planning on asking my doc about it next month when I go in for my check-up.
  6. I noticed a couple of years ago that my ribs on the left side stick out further than the right side. I don't have any pain so I never bothered to get it checked.
  7. I went and got my mom to look at it and we looked up pics of ribs online and apparently us females have an extra rib on the left side. So maybe it's normal?
  8. One of my ribs attaches to my breast bone in an odd "high" way, so it's not flat when I lay down.

    My GYN told me it was probably cartilege (sp?) that had been inflamed at some point (and I think I know when, LOL) :shrugs:
  9. Now I'm feeling the tenderness/soreness sort of around the left side of my left breast again. I got an appointment with my OB on Oct. 18. I know I'm going to be worrying myself sick until then. I get so freaked out about health issues. I got my mom to feel and she didn't feel a breast lump but I still get scared I have cancer or something.
  10. I am not a medical professional of *any* type, but my GYN once told me that if you had a lump that was breast cancer, that it likely wouldn't hurt at all. So if you have pain, perhaps it's just an slight injury?

    Good luck, Zophie :flowers: