Could I hang this from my rear view mirror

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  1. I need opinons. I'm getting a new car soon & I would like to add a little LV to it so I was wondering if this
    Louis Vuitton: French fashion designer
    would be cute to hang from the rear view. If not, I am open to suggestions. Please let me know if you think my idea is stupid or not. I thought it would be cute but I could be wrong. I haven't seen it in person yet so your thoughts & knowledge would be helpful! TIA!
  2. OK it's not coming up but it is the Lvoe cell ohone charm. I will post a pic in a minute.
  3. Hmm it could be too small and therefore not very noticeable. But I don't have one myself, others' opinions needed also!!
  4. I just found this link in a previous thread.
  5. ^ No we do not like you FAKE/REPLICA bags tah very much.:nospam:

    Yes! You could hang it on the rear view mirror it's so cute!
    Just be careful it doesnt get stolen. ! People know their stuff these days!
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  7. You could, but as KaiieCHANEL said, be careful! I would be afraid of the charm or my CAR being stolen/broken into.

  8. Why was my post edited ? What did I do wrong?
  9. Totally agree, the first thing that came to my mind!
  10. I have a lanyard around my mirror and a Speedy Lock hanging from it. :smile:
  11. agree! I think hanging something like that would always cause trouble... For a 200$ accessory, you may well end up with several broken car windows or worse... getting robbers' attention such that they follow you home and break into your house or get you and your family into life threatening situations....
  12. Yeah you could but I agree with others, I wouldn't want to put that on my mirror and end up with my car getting broken into. Whenever I'm getting out of my car, I make sure there isn't anything of value in sight so for me, I wouldn't put this on my mirror.
  13. ^^ agree.

    I was thinking it maybe a little bit too pretty which takes your eyes off the road at times lol
  14. I was thinking an LV bandeau? A big Lv bow on your mirror?

    You do have to be carefull but if you lock your car would they really break in and risk to be arrested for a 100$ bandeau?
  15. ^^ You'd be surprised the lows criminals will stoop to. :Push:
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