Could I get away with wearing this?

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Can I make this fashionable on a chick?

  1. Of course!

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  1. Mr. Bitty has a beautiful B&M watch that he never wears. It lives in an automatic winder and he never takes it out of there as he is always wearing his Garmin. It kills me as it was a birthday gift!

    Could I get away with wearing it or would it look bad on a woman?

    This is a lot like the watch although the face is more complex, with world times. I would say the thickness of the case is similar to the Cartier Ballon Bleu mens. Screenshot 2019-10-09 07.51.41.png .
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  2. It would help to have a picture, but providing it doesn’t swamp you, definitely :tup:
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  3. A photo of it on your wrist would be helpful, but in general I don't think it looks particularly masculine if that is what you are concerned about. But plenty of women wear large and/or masculine watches, so it really depends on your own personal preference and style.
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  4. One of my favorite rolex watches is this man’s watch.

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  5. I adore big chunky men’s watches on women. In fact, I circle my husband like a hawk waiting for him to get bored of his lol. Wear it!
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  6. Hi,

    i usually wear « men watch », like Breitling, IWC ... size 41/wrist 17.
    you can wear it if the size is not to big for your wrist.
    This watch is classy and easily wearable with a dress or a jean... i will say take it !
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  7. If u wear a silver bracelet next to it, I’d say yes.
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  8. yes
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  9. I don't see how that would ever be a problem.
  10. Wear it! I mostly buy men’s watches. The only one in women’s size stays most of the time in the box, because I just don’t like the small size. Pair it with feminine accessories and you will rock it.
  11. absolutely....lots of women wear men's watches these days. In fact I think small watches are pretty much out (last time I checked). Save that watch from sitting unused :smile:
  12. If you like it, I think you can rock anything! Plus, the current style is for larger watches.
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    I didn’t know about the big watch trend! Here's a pic. Poor watch. The band needs leather conditioning and I would need another hole added.
    2019-10-10 14.21.40.jpg
  14. I'm not gonna lie, it's big. It really depends if you are confident about it, then you can pull it off.
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  15. In my opinion it’s a tiny bit big on your wrist. But an ‘oversized’ watch is also a look. I don’t think it will look great in a formal sitting, but I reckon you can pull it off casually/semi formally!