Could i fit this in a cles? :)

  1. Oh and thank you :smile:
  2. Best reference pictures I've seen for the cles, thankyou so much :smile:
    I'm convinced now! :smile:
  3. Your welcome!
    And of course you can attach to the D rings, so when needs quickly a card or sth, dont need to find the other purse in a bag
  4. it might fit, but it would kind of bulge a little bit :3
  5. I think it will fit, the bulge isn't too much of a concern as long as it won't cause damage :/
  6. I agree, the Azur is quite pretty. I wanted one more than the DE but was worried about the white zipper. You gave me something to think about :smile: I just wish they would release a new Mono cles with an illustration on it like the Groom or Illustre with a pastel interior. That would be gorgeous :smile:
  7. Oh yes, I would love to have something with the illustrated series, hopefully something will come!:choochoo:
  8. I'd agree these items wld fit nicely in the cles. Mine holds CC's, store points cards, mints and chapstick. Happy cles shopping!
  9. I think you could fit everything but the lip gloss...I think that might stretch it too much.
  10. I have the idyll fusain cles which would fit cards x 3-4, bills, some coins and my keys x 3, because I dont want the keys to scratch my leather lined bags. A tube of lipstick might be too much for a canvas cles.
  11. Would it damage the canvas?
  12. Hi :smile: what cles do you use for all that? :smile:
  13. Do you think a canvas cles could hand a small squeeze lipgloss tube?
  14. If your lipgloss is short, then yes. If its longer, then no. I just gave it a shot with my mono cles with 3 cards, some DayQuil tablets and a Tarino Tarantino mini gloss. Don't have any mints! Lol, but one or two would also fit. That all fits. But if your gloss is longer (I tried a L'oreal colour riche gloss) it won't work.


    This works:


    This doesn't:

  15. i think the cles is really meant for flat things. you may physically be able to get more in but i don't think it would be comfortable to use. you may have to take some things out every time you want to get a card and the bulge would bother me.
    i used cles as a wallet for a long time but i didn't over stuff. if you want to carry lip gloss, mints, meds; i suggest the wapity-