Could I be ready for a 'big girl' scarf??

  1. As you know, I love my pochettes! I love myplisses too, they are so easy to wear.

    Should I venture into the world of 'big girl' scarves? I am so tempted. I just ordered myself a pointu. However, after seeing how absolutely lovely Aspen looked with her MM scarf, I am thinking, it may be time.....

    So, where do I begin?

    Design?? Color??

    If I stick to black, I still have to work out which design. I love the way Aspen tied her scarf in this pic and would plan to do the same. Please help me with suggestions of other scarf designs that will look nice tied in this way.:tender:

  2. ^^^ Oh that's pretty. Danse du Cosmos....I wonder if has a pic? Will go and have a look....
  3. Danse du Cosmos would be v. fun "big girl" scarf, Rose! I have one (au contre courant) that has a similar design (intricate on one side, a little less on the opposite "triangle") and it gives me a ton of options for "looks". :smile:
  4. Yes has these scarves. The 90cm is so versatile--you'll love it.
  5. Yes they do. The website won't show through regular browsing as they are sold out.

    Here you go:
  6. And tied:
  7. Rose,

    Of course you're ready!!!! And it's a perfect reason to go to KoP!

    Tell us some of your favorite things and we can help. I would suggest looking for a scarf with corner detail if you would like to wear it like Aspen's.

    If you see any of mine that you would like demonstrated, let me know.
  8. Thanks for those Cosmos pics Tods, you're a tech genius!

    I am just confused.... I love so many of them. Really like the berries one too and the one Tangle is wearing in this pic ( can't remember the name of it). I love the grey with the black. I wonder if I should get the Tokyo scarf in black :sweatdrop: :shrugs:

  9. I am thinking black with mainly grey going through it, really love Tangle's design, so those colors perhaps.....
  10. I think that was the Milky way scarf...

    what about these?

  11. Tangle's is "La Voie Lactee"
  12. Quinn's Mom, you are right....too many nice one too choose from.....lunch at KOP??
  13. Very tempting....they will spend hours playing with you and the scarves...just a warning...
  14. Thank you! I remember now, it was from the 'glowing' scarf thread......

    I think those are sold out?

    It's incredibly lovely on Tangle, she wears it so well.