Could I be over that hump?

  1. You know when its bad weather and lv's run and hide? When they look scared as you're trying to get one out of the dust bag ?

    HEHEHE i took out my lockit today in the blowing snow and had a smile on:smile:
    Do you think i could do that now with my denim speedy or Mc ?
  2. I guess, you are more comfortable with your bags now! I could never take my bags out when it snows. I baby them so much!
  3. I'm normally the same way.. see how long it lasts :biggrin:
  4. I've had my Chanel bag out, but I refuse to take my LV's out when it snows or looks like snow. Ironically, when I was in St. Petersburg it hadn't been snowing for about a month before I left, but on the day I left there was a small snowstorm and I had my keepall, so I took my coat off to cover it, lol. And of course, there had been some misunderstanding about my taxi booking, so I had to stand out in the yard for some 20 minutes before I got a taxi. Aaaah, the memories. But as I told my mom later - it's easier for me to overcome a cold than to have seen a $1000 dufflebag get ugly stains on it.
  5. You go girl! I'm too afraid to take it out in the poor new Roxbury hasn't even seen daylight yet! I HATE snow!
  6. ^ Amen. It's nice for about 20 minutes until it gets dirty and wet and too cold. I need to start migrating to hotter places during winter, lol.
  7. I'm trying to squeeze in a lot of use of my Speedy before it snows a lot here. So far it hasn't really snowed at all, so I've used her quite a bit. But it has rained, and I can't bear to take her out in the rain (sooo afraid I will drop her in the mud or something) LOL.
  8. We haevn't had much snow here this winter but I don't think it would stop me from using my speedy. I tend to leave it in my car if it's pouring or something.
  9. i read on another thread someone has a beat up bag for bad weather and a nice one for nice weather, both the same speedy. oh if only i could afford to do that it wold make everything so much easier. maaybe if i bought a used one and then you owuldn't have to worry about it so much? hmmm...
  10. omg! kudos to you Bag Fetish...i took my speedy out one time when it was flurrying (light snow) and i was freaking out...i just use my Gucci now..and I must say, it's doing really well with the weather we're having.
  11. I've had my speedy in (light) rain a couple times and phew, the water spots dried pretty quickly. I did use shining monkey when i first got her, but not sure if that made a difference or not.
  12. Lol..I'm careful with which ones I take in the rain but if it DOES happen to randomly rain and I don't have a "rain bag" (i.e. Jasmin, Damier Speedy etc.), I don't worry too much about it.

    Anyway sounds like you're more comfy with your bags!! Congrats!
  13. lol the only bag I can bang around like that is my BH! I seriously don`t care for it................. so
  14. thats what i used to use my noe and paino bags for bag weather :smile: but have since sold them both and now out of beat up bags.
    I've been carrying my lockit since it arrived and i'm in love with it.

    I think my getting over the hump issue is because its a shoulder bag.. I'm the same why with my denim baggy it doesnt other me. But cant bring myself to do it with my denim speedy :shrugs:
    I totally believe its a handheld/shoulder bag issue.
  15. thanks :smile: