Could I be getting the Holy Grail?

  1. I am just so excited at this moment, their is a very strong possiblitiy that I am going to be getting the Holy Grail of spys.

    As everyone on here Knows I have lusted after the Dark Green Hologram Fortuney spy, for like forever, ask my SA at Sloane Street if I could have one made she told me no. I then, after I got the crackle, asked the manager of Fendi in Harrods, she dug out the old reference number for this bag and sent it to Italy they have came back and said yes they would make it for me. She is confirming details with them again sending a picture to them and requesting a small sample of the leather. I just cannot believe this as really never thought in a million years I would get one of these bags. Should know 1000% for sure next week.
  2. OMG Saich!! I was just telling DH about the Green Hologram...finds the spys very entertaining, so I detailed the "Ghost bags" so to speak...

    I think it is the most gorgeous & TDF LE bag...will keep my fingers crossed for you;)

    PS: Why does everyone call the Fortuny material leather? Seems like velvet to me....?
  3. Wowee! I was hoping that you would have this in August so that I could come by your place and spy on it (heh!).

    BL, I think it is leather with some sort of coating on it that gives it the hologram look, and sometimes the top layer chips off and shows the undercolor in the regular leather.

    I can't wait to see Saich's pics of this bag--have only ever seen it on the original fendi spy list.
  4. Fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think this is such a beautiful spy, its laser cut to produce the hologram look. Hopefully will hear soon. Liti its going to take 4 months again to make but so worth it for this bag. These bags never came out in the UK only in the US according to the Fendi Manager.

    Also just heard about 3 new LE spys for 07 winter one of them is going to be Eggplant with gold beads, much be a bit much have to see.
  6. oh wow saich!! this is very exciting indeed!!!! keep us posted!

    i had the opportunity to own the non-limited fortunty before (the orangey one) - had to return it because it was so delicate to me and i was deathly afraid to use it (silly me!). but, i recall the leather being really lovely. i am not sure how they make the fortuny leather (in terms of the layer on top and the then the underlayer in a different color), but they do use lasers to cut the top layer away to reveal the blue underneath. the end result reminds me of the gills of a fish - it can fold open or close (to reveal or hide the undercolor layer). the exterior part of the leather does look velvelty, but it's definitely not velvet.

    the green one is TDF - this i have only seen on eBay, i think last year. i forgot what the undercolor is - saich, do you know?

    p.s. saich - do elaborate on the winter 07 spies when you get more info! the eggplant sounds TDF! i hope they make one without beads! :smile:
  7. Oh WOW! I hope you will be able to get one, we are crossing our fingers for you.

    Eggplant LE Spy sounds TDF, can't wait to see these bags.

  8. I think the undercolor on the green fortuny was gold, right?
  9. Congrats to you! Does anybody have a picture of one of these bags?
  10. It is on the spy picture reference under metallic spys (link is in my sig).
  11. Litigatrix - I remember the undertones of this bag being orange ... I had enquired about a baby spy in this color last year at Holt Renfrew.

    Here's some pics (courtesy of TFS):
    greenhologram.jpg greenhologram2.jpg
  12. Oooh!!! How exciting!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Saichy!
  13. Wow its beautiful!
  14. wow...*jaw drops*
  15. I have always loved this spy, think its beautiful. Need to make sure they will be making the right spy so have to see a sample of the leather, think I am on a roll with these spys lately.

    I hope to find out more about the Eggplant when I get to London as they have pictures of it their. My SA was telling me about 3 LE ones, one cost £5,000 about $10,000 the other 2 were £3,500/$7,000