Could I ask sales for...?

  1. well, first of all, thanks your guys help me out. I think I am going to go for MC white NOE. Speedy 30 is a little bit big for me, when I tried my friend's today; it looks like a small suitcase in my hand. I have a speedy 25, it looks like the size really matters. But I am still thinking about it (yeah, it will be on my list for later ;))

    Now I have new questions. I got all my LVs in the store. I am think whether I order this one on ELUX. Well, if I go to store, I probably can pick one that has the pattern I like (more pink and purple). If sales take one out, and I don't like the color pattern. Could I ask them to get another one because I want to compare the color pattern? I don't want to be a picky customer, so I want to ask your guys first. Also, if I order it on Elux, then I probably don't get a chance to pick the color, am I right?

    Is there a big difference between store and Elux (I mean color pattern)? And what should I aware about the white MC? Thanks a lot!:heart::heart::heart:
  2. you should definitely go to the boutique if you are particular about color combos.

    i am VERY VERY picky about my MC color combos. my SA showed me 2 MC speedys. when i bought my mc porte monnaie billets, i asked them to bring out every combo they had, which ended up being 6.

    it does sound a bit odd, but you are paying a lot of money for a bag. you should love the combos on it!
  3. I think shopping in the boutique is better. You are spending a lot of money you have aright to look at all the color combos and decide which one you like best.
  4. total agreed! I hope I can get some sales who are so nice!

  5. i went through 5 wallets to pick my favorite mc combo :smile: dont hesitate to ask!
  6. Thanks everyone, now I know what I should do. I think I better go to a store. :smile:
  7. Personally, I love Elux for basic mono LV and damier "general" items, you do save alot on tax and sometimes free shipping, depending on where you live. In your case, the boutique is probably best for you since I have seen some MC white speedies with alot of color combos, I know I wouldnt like (one I saw had alot of the lime green color in front, most gals prefer pinks).....have fun and good luck!!
  8. Go to your store and pick one out.
  9. OK, I think I probably go to the store this weekend. I wonder is it weird that every special occasion, my DH always let me pick what I want, then we will go together to get it. He doesn't want to buy something that maybe I don't like. Anyway, I have another question. I wear jeans alot, so sometimes I find there are some blue color on the corner of my LVs. Usually I just use baby wipe to clean them. Is there anything could prevent this happen again, and what I should know when I get MC white.

    Thanks a lot, girls!
  10. Def. go to the store and get the one you want. You may want to tell your SA up front that you are picky about the colors on the mc. That way they can find different color patterns to show you if they have any. The white mc noe is so pretty, btw!
  11. Going to the boutique is a much more awesome experience. I hope you find the perfect combo for ya!