could i ask a couple of questions of all of the experts here?

  1. hi again, everyone :smile: so....."hypothetically" (gulp!)....can i get your HONEST opinions on the following:

    blue roi color - for a good, all-around color
    buffalo leather - durability, aesthetic, etc.

  2. Bleu roi is excellent for all year round as it is a very nice and neutral blue color. I especially love it in ostrich.
  3. Buffalo is very durable and is waterproof. If you like togo and clemence, you would like buffalo.
  4. I think that blue roi is a beautiful rich and would work year round!!!!!
  5. oh, really? buffalo is waterproof? that helps tremendously!! wow, i could even try to tell DH it was a really "practical" purchase...LOL!

    i never thought i'd go for a blue bag....but lately, the color has been calling to me.

    thanks everyone....more opinions would be fabulous!
  6. I have a blue roi kelly in ostrich, and she's a real beauty! I got her for year-round use.
  7. Love Blue Roi so much and buffalo too! :smile:
  8. Bleu roi is beautiful although somewhat hard to find...have you seen the brighton blue color? This is similar IMO - a nice mellow blue color as well...I love blue and will use blue year round also - personally don't have experience with the leather...but find many of the leathers to be very durable..