Could anyone tell me...

  1. All the colors that Coach has released for the Signature Demi Pouch?
    [Or, The bag in my icon. ;D]

    I want to know because;;
    My friend has it in red and she doesnt believe me when I tell her it's real, so I want to show her off and tell her it is. :p
    I own a black one and just a sucker for the style [so simple and classic!] so I looked on eBay and theres this one out and its green and tan. ;P The color doesnt seem too familiar to me, so thats why i want to know the colors theyve released.

  2. My daughter has the khaki/gold and the number is 1861 although it's not coming up in the drilldown.

    Then there's Brown/brown #7785 and Khaki/white #6094.

    Paste this link into your browser and replace the number 6094 with the number in your bag and see what comes up.
  3. i believe it came in like a lot of colors.. i know turquoise, red, pink, orange, black, khaki, white+black, etc
  4. A girl I saw out last night at a bar/grill had one in a very light blue. There were so many Coach bags there! including a large signature Carly, which is more out of the norm.
  5. I saw one in light blue in my history class.
  6. Wow. So it was kinda like Coach's rainbow bag, ya? :p
    But any word on the light green one I posted, Should I post it in the Authenticate thread?
  7. It came in all different colors, such as red, turqoise, light blue, lime green, hot pink, black, khaki, etc. I'm not sure about the one you posted. It looks fake. Isn't a bag fake if it say COACH on the hardware? I may be wrong though.
  8. yes they did make light green.
  9. i believe the light blue, light green, and light pink came out at the same time, along with other accessories like wallets and mini skinnies and sneakers. this was maybe spring 2004.
  10. the green one, I ment is authentic lol