Could anyone tell me if this is a real LV bag????PLEASE



  1. Can anyone help me


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  1. Hello:

    I'm new here, but I wanted to know if anybody can tell me if this is real, I bought it from a very high end boutique store in Atlanta, she told me it was authentic, I paid $950 is this a good price for this bag? I am just starting out collecting LV, I love the quality of this bag, so if anyone could please help me out, I would deeply appreciate it, Many Many Thank's in Advance!!

    I posted the same question somewhere else on the purse fourm, but I can find were, sorry I'm posting again
  2. Hi there,

    there's no need for double posts :p One question in the Authenticate This thread is enough, there's always someone to help :yes:

    Regarding your bag:
    Just like I said in the AT thread:

    I'm so sorry, but it doesn't look good :sad: Denim, lining, heat stamp, date code, about everything about that speedy is off

    I really hope you can give it back and get your money back
  3. I just went to get my denim neo speedy to compare. I bought mine at a LV counter. My lining is more gold in tone than the one in your picture. The pattern is a bit off as well. The "Louis Vuitton Paris made in France" patch on the inside has bigger lettering than mine and should be sewn onto a pocket on the inside. I'm no expert but it doesn't look quite right. I hope you can get a refund.:crybaby: I paid about $1500 Canadian for mine new from the LV boutique.
  4. Same here, I replied that it doesn't look good to me either.
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