Could anyone tell me a bit more about the Brooke please?

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  1. Every time I think of getting a black bag I keep on coming back to the Brooke (although I think it looks great in the cream colour too) but a bit worried about the weight. I have a Blenheim in the Darwin leather - I think it is a similar size? If it's a similar weight I think I'd be okay but if it's heavier perhaps not!

    Thank you... I know I've not been around for ages...been off having a baby :lol:
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    Brooke is a brilliant little bag! If anything, it holds a little more than the Blenheim and the good news is that it's not as heavy. It's beautifully versatile too cos you can unclip the chain and attach a longer strap if you have one, to wear it x-body. Good luck finding one!
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    Hi there's a brooke on the fashion bloodhound site but it's in oak and I think you said you wanted a black one. Congratulations on your new baby.
  4. Brooke is a great little bag, I love the chain but that's the heavy bit. I mostly wear mine with a longer strap cross body without the chain and wouldn't call it heavy at all.

    I have the Chocolate version, I am so glad I have hung on to it as it's lovely to still have a Darwin leather bag. It's also a great shape for accessing everything, although it doesn't hold that much

    I will weigh mine tomorrow with and without the chain if that's a help

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  5. Such a beauty, I missed out on a brand new black one on ebay last year. Such a statement piece with that chain.

    I don't think I could ever part with that
  6. Doesn't sound like it is overly heavy then. Thank you.

    That is a gorgeous example isn't in Moo? Wasn't there when I was looking yesterday.

    Thanks for the bag porn Mulberrygal lol. If you could weigh it for me that would be excellent.
  7. Hi Peony, sorry for the delay, had a horrendous couple of days and work, just trying to unwind :Pullhair:I did actually weigh my Brooke but totally forget to post a reply

    About 400 grms without the chain and about 560 with. My Alexa clutch weighs about 600 grms so would say the Brooke is quite a light weight especially without the chain.

    I would take the chain of if I planned to walk far but otherwise it looks really good hanging at the front when you add a long strap. I have a chocolate Mulberry one but it's far more comfy with the wider webbed version in my pic.

    I think the Vanilla one on EBay looks gorgeous, lovely versatile colour.
  8. My Blenheim is 645 g so I don't think I'd have an issue with the chain on. Thanks so much for doing that Mulberrygal.

    The vanilla one has gone from eBay so I guess they got a good offer.
  9. I don't think that is a Brooke but thanks for thinking of me KW :balloon:
  10. £300 for a Brooke are,you serious...they didnt cost that at full price and I wouldn't pay much more than £100 for one
  11. Ah didnt look beyond the price!!!!
  12. Ah sorry! I just looked at it quickly :smile:
  13. My first thought was the same Elvis lol. Then I noticed the side pockets.