Could anyone take a quick second to give me some advice?

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  1. :confused1: For the first time I am completely baffled on what braid combo to use on one of my bags. There is 2 colors that will stay in it, white and indigo. But the 3rd I can't decide between sky blue, magenta, or bbgm pink. I like the sky blue but I am using that on two other bags, my pink city and my turq twiggy. Both my daughters absolutely love the magenta and think it brings out purple tones in the bag. And I love the pink. Ahhhh! I actually like them all and that is my dilemma! Thank you ahead of time for taking the time to look and answer!

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  2. Definitely SKy it'll all be a blue tone Bbag.....

    the pinks are nice too but i think they kinda stand out a bit too much....

    i'd limit the tassles' attention to only a certain extent......

    because the bag is so gorgeous all by itself :smile:

    ((if not sky blue then magenta...the bbg pink makes the bag looks somehow incomplete ?!!?? i know it sounds confusing))
  3. MAGENTA! I like the way the color pops together.:love:

    That's beautiful though! Do you use actual Balenciaga Tassles? Very creative and pretty!:yes:

  4. I agree I prefer by far the skyblue!
  5. My vote is sky blue, then magenta, then pink. Your bags are so gorgeous!!!
  6. I like the magenta!
  7. The skyblue looks great.
  8. Love the skyblue
  9. Yes, on my bags I currently have bal tassles. I don't use my mirror so I have that extra tassle. The tassles in the braids do not need to be as pristine as the ones alone on the bag, so I use the ones I take off instead of just chucking them. It also takes only a half of a tassle to be 1/3 of a braid. Bal doesn't currently have magenta or indigo so I got white to dye them, and I pick up my first try of that tomorrow. I have found a leather company with tassles amazingly similar and we are working out the cost and other details. I will be using those for braids to sell, and never will I buy Bal tassles to make braids to sell. I have to admit since I have added braids and charms to my bags, I do not like my bags without them. I have gotten quite addicted to the creative part of it, and of course the final result. I am hoping to transfer some of my Bal bag addiction to the charms and braids, using them to change up my bags rather than feeding my need to buy another bag! Here's a family portrait showing my other braids, my new indigo city will appear in the family photos posted tomorrow.
  10. I think the sky blue too, then I think would choose pink. Magenta would be last on my list.
  11. i would say sky-blue is best becoz it brings out the true blue of the bag. And then Magenta because it pops and its fun. Pink is nice and subtle. I would just carry the bubblegum pink city out if i wanted some pink in my outfit!!!

    (Your charms are really nice... very creative!!):yes:
  12. Sky blue for sure! :yes:
  13. another for sky blue!
    those braids and charms are so pretty!
    i love them
  14. seems like sky blue is winning :smile: Yeah!!
  15. Deana, I say Magenta all the way!!!!!!!

    Listen to your girls, sounds like they're pretty smart.:yes:

    First thing I thought, brings out the purple...Yes it does, just beautifully.