could anyone check up this website?

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  1. i found this one but really curious about the authentication of those designers bags......pls anyone check it up....

    btw,these bv bags are looking delicious!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:

  2. Sorry, but it doesn't look legit to me. Their web address is Voguelande, but the name written across the top is VOGUELAND, while the pictures have Voguelander.

    The first bag there is the Ball bag, they call it a "hobo should bag".

    Lastly, they only started Dec 9, 2006.
    Domain Name: VOGUELANDE.COM

    Created on..............: 2006-12-09 09:32:05
    Expires on..............: 2007-12-09 02:32:06
  3. Also they have stolen pics from other sites... So you don't know what you actually get.
  4. SuepaFly and Boudoir are right. The bags look great because the pics aren't theirs. Look at all the errors--misspellings, and most of the bags don't have the correct names. I wouldn't take a chance--too many red flags.
  5. I say warning signs!
  6. all authenticity questions should be posted in the Authenticate This! sticky provided.
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