Could any of you help telling me what is this?

  1. I hope this is the right section.

    A while ago my aunt died, and when we were packing her stuff, I found these two "charms" among her things.I have no idea if this belonged to a bag? :confused1: Or maybe it was a give away with the Chanel No 5 perfume ?
    They look a bit used.

    So do any of you know when and with what were these two charms sold/given away? I just want to know out of curiosity and would feel a bit silly to ask the store :smile:
    100_1106 (Medium).jpg 100_1107 (Medium).jpg
  2. hmm neverseen those before.. I dont think its from a bag.. may be a key chain?
    sorry.. I'm sure other lovely ladies here could help..
  3. soemtimes things like that used to be tied onto little gifty type items.
    Like once I bought a little package of mini Chanel perfumes in original looking bottles and they tied it w/ a ribbon and the dogtag hangin from it.
    This was probably 10 yrs ago.
    You know, around the holidays when they have all these shrink wrapped deals.