Could a woman pull this scarf and hat off and is it available??

  1. This is the most gorgeous that I have seen right now, and very interested. Does anyone know if this set (if it is a set) is available for sale? I tried looking at the elux website and was not available. and I assume its from the mens line

    Do you think that maybe I can pull it off? thanks!!

  2. I do believe a woman could pull it off - in fact, I think it`s really nice :yes: Though, I have no idea about availability :/
  3. I'm sure you could pull it off, but I honestly don't think it looks that nice with the ensemble in that picture.
  4. John has the hat in the darker color

    its totally unisex! I LOVE it though!
  5. sure thing u can do better than him :p
  6. Get it and then let's post comparison pictures! I bet it will look nicer on you!

  7. im not interested in his outfit. LMAO
  8. love it ...
  9. A woman can definitely pull this off! I don't know if it's currently available though.
  10. It would be gorgeous! Much nicer then in that pic :yucky:
  11. I think the hat and scarf would look fabulous on a woman too! :tup: However, I agree that the rest of his outfit is ...not exactly to my tastes!
  12. Yes definitely. Actually I'd much rather see it on a woman than on him... :biggrin:
  13. Yes, definitely!
    I think that I saw the hat on the LV site in the women's section.
    I don't think that I've ever seen the scarf though.
  14. yeah in fact I think its a little more suited for a female, but is def. unisex.
  15. This hat would be very pretty on a woman. I think its silly on a man!