Could a Newbie get a little help ?(opinions wanted)Thanks!

  1. Hello! I'm hoping I can get some opinions from you great people because I need some help. Here's the deal:

    It's going to be some time before I can afford most of the bags that everyone here is so in love with (that I too am falling head over heals for). I'm in college right now (for the second time) so there is a bit of a money crunch. I still want a bag or two that is within my limits to save for and buy in a couple months. I would immediately think Coach because the bags are sold at our local Macy's and the prices are spot on. My only hang-up (and it's a big one) is that every girl on campus and her little sister has a coach bag and most of them fake.

    I've been going through the forums and browsing through most of the online stores mentioned or endorsed by the site and I know there are a lot of "wish-list" bags out there for me, but what I want is a "goal", something I can achieve :smile:

    Let me know if any purses/designers come to mind.

    Thanks so much!
  2. Welcome to tPF, Abredin!

    Ew, surrounded by fakes. I can see why you wouldn't want to carry a Coach.

    How about designers like Rebecca Minkoff or Hayden Harnett? Really cute and practical designs, well-made, not faked (yet....keep our fingers crossed!) You can usually find their bags online using 20% promo codes (look in the Deals & Steals section, or check out sites like or
  3. I don't know if you are interested or not but the Tano bags at are on sale in the 150 range. I just purchased the vixen van go go and I have my eye on the crossroads.

    I am a big rebecca minkoff fan and I know she has some bags from the fall on sale on her site but those are a little more pricey, say 400-500 range.

    I know waht you mean about the coach bags, I especially don't like the signiture line. I think their legacy leather collection is very pretty but I think that I too will stay away from coach.
  4. Maybe you could find a real coach at a coach outlet for a good price (even the outlets have sales and some outlets have discount cards you can sign up for), and show the others at your college just how bad their fakes look. TJ maxx and Marshalls sell very nice italian leather bags at decent prices. Also, if you want a "goal", the sales will be starting up again in June/July and you maybe able to get a great designer bag (like MJ, Chloe, Gucci, etc) at a great price (like 60% off).
  5. Thanks for the ideas, I'm having a great time searching around for something that will fit within my guidelines and the names and sites everyone has left have been great.

    I also went and found the local Marshalls (our TJ Max has very little and I thought they were one in the same) and found some really cute bags. Didn't buy anything because I'm still trying to find the perfect first bag to spend my money on.

    I just wanted to say thanks!
  6. Marc by Marc Jacob has nice bags... and they are usually under $500. The styles are really easy to carry and the leather is really supple. Plus, its still cheaper than Marc Jacob which usually runs upwards of $1200.
    Linea Pelle has some nice bags too... if you go to their website it has a page that shows celebrities that carry their bags :smile: Plus...they have sales too online! Hope this helps :smile: Happy Hunting... please keep us updated when you do buy your bag ;)
  7. If you're looking for something in the Coach price range I would suggest Marc by Marc Jacobs, L.A.M.B., Rebecca Minkoff, Anna Corinna, or Francesco Biasia. Also, Hype makes some nice leather bags in really cute styles and you can almost always find them marked down on or Good luck and let us know what you decide on!
  8. What is your price range ?
  9. I vote for Tano or the Ani bags at Lunaboston.
  10. Keep checking eBay. That is where I buy a lot of my bags because I cannot afford the bags I like otherwise. You may just find a great deal! Although if you have never bought on eBay before just do some research first to make sure you don't buy a fake. The ladies on various 'authenticate this...' threads are absolutely AMAZING!
  11. If you try eBay there are a ton of sellers with great priced bags. You can go low end like an Aigner, tommy hilfiger, etc or middle of the road with a Kathy Van Zeeland ( great seller beachgirl071870 ) or a steal on a higher end bag, BUT be careful, there are a ton of fakes .. always check the serial numbers. I have bought from this seller before, always authentic !!!! Right now she has some Michale Kors for a bargain and a Dooney Bourke too... Good Luck !
  12. About $300.00 (and below)to $450.00 total would be just the right price range although if I fell in love I could wait a little longer, save up more and go to 600.00 ish.

  13. I would also check out ebay and anything that looks good put on authenticate this thread. One of my bags I just purchased a year ago for 1k, the exact same bag was on ebay and sold for $600! (bummer!). So you may find something there. I got my LV for $500 by browsing the authenticate this thread. I've since seen that same bag go for $400 - so deals are out there. Good luck!
  14. i would definitely suggest marc by marc jacobs. i'm not a fan of coach at all. also, i agree, hype has some really nice bags.
  15. i would check ebay and authenticate here...but you would prob like marc by marc jacobs and michael kors check for SALES at bloomies Nordstroms neiman and saks bluefly etc. you can get a great bag on sale...
    or sharif? falchi?