could a guy get away with this?

  1. for some reason i am very attracted to those suede hobo bags with the aeronautical "strike hold" print on the front (sorry i don't know the proper name for it). maybe because it blatantly displays what brand it is :graucho: just how unisex do you gals recon is it? or should i rather re-asses my masculinity instead? :shame: if only MrG printed this insignia on a duffle bag *sigh*
  2. Well, I am of the generation who dated men who routinely carried shoulder bags, so in my opinion, it's fine. In fact, I had one boyfriend who had a leather shoulder bag I so coveted that I laid out a pattern, got a side of leather and made myself an exact copy which lasted longer than the boyfriend (yes, I could make my own handbags at one point. The quality was better than a lot of purses I see around now)
  3. that bag has a short strap like the women's hobo/day, right?
    IMHO - i think a bag with a long messenger-style strap looks better on a guy. if they made the men's messenger with the pattern on it, i think it'd be great! but i don't think the short strap.:smile:
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