Could a guy get away with this bag?

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  1. Yes, and there are pics here of guys with bbags, just search the threads. I think it would be very classy on a man! And a great color too
  2. It all depends on the look you're going for, IMO. I think that the Work size is awesome for guys if you're looking at the more "traditional" b-bag shape as it looks like a very modern twist on a briefcase or duffle. A City might be a bit small. Totally personal opinion! I do think that darkr is better for guys..
  3. Totally!! :yes:

    I wish my man would consider that, then I'd have more Bbag options to switch around ;)
  4. i think it would!

    i thought the smallest size id ever go was a work, but today i was in neiman while my sister went into vickys to play around with bra's, i was playing around with twiggys, and i actually really liked the way it looked with my outfit (the twiggy is REALLY long, so it reminded me of carrying a small duffle bag, especially with the shoulder strap!).

    even though it's a womens bag, the less flaming a man dresses, the more he can pull of the smaller moto bags, IMO. id still count the box and first out of the question though!
  5. Definitely because it looks a little structured..I say go for it!!
  6. have been measuring my other bags in my collection and I do think that the city is too small. I think I am going to stick with getting what I wanted which was either:

    eBay: AUTHENTIC BALENCIAGA PRE-FALL 06 TRUFFLE WORK BAG (item 110071683769 end time Jan-02-07 16:23:12 PST)


    eBay: BNWT Balenciaga Weekender bag in Camel F/W 2006 (item 270073044435 end time Jan-02-07 17:45:39 PST)

    Ultimately I think that the Weekender is what I will get since its big and has a bit of heft to it.

    By the way -- any feedback on if y'all think the above two bags are real?

    Thanks for feeding my BBag urges!
  7. Not sure if they are real, but I think guys look great w/ either a work or weekender. City is a bit small, IMO.
  8. If I were you, I would go to some store near you (if you are in the Bay area, there are quite a few) and test them out first and see what size works for you and then come back to eBay. JMHO.
  9. If I remember -- NM carries the line....does Saks?

    But that is an excellent idea.....I will go tomorrow. However, I have been in a "man purse" buying frenxy. Gucci tote, LV Epi Keepall and potentially this -- if I keep this up, I am going to have to start selling body parts or offering adult-oriented services in the parking garage in Union Square :graucho:
  10. I think a lot of us may be there with you. :roflmfao: Good luck on your search!!!
  11. ^^ lol!!! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    p.s. i think that camel weekender is H-O-T!!!
  12. Oh gosh, I guess Im the manority but I just cant see a guy carrying this bag. To me it just would look funky. Sorry.
  13. ^^ sorry, but i've gotta disagree girl :wlae:

    p.s. i see lots of cool guys in nyc wearing b-bags
    p.p.s. also saw one carrying a YSL muse (hot!!!)
  14. I have to agree that the bag is a little too small for a guy, unless he's kind of tiny...JMHO. But I do think that Weekender is TDF. I've been eyeing it.