Could a cosmetic case be used as a clutch?

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  1. OK coachies, I think we can all agree that Coach makes some great cosmetic cases. Pockets inside and bright color lining! Would you ever consider using a make up case as a clutch or wristlet to use for running errands or out to dinner. Be honest and let me know your thoughts! :smile:
  2. I think it would work depending on the style. The boxier ones might not look right, but the current Madison ones are nice.
  3. I agree. I think the poppy cosmetic cases wouldn't look good as a clutch but the new madison op art would be good.
  4. I agree too, I think some styles won't work but I have been eyeing the Madison op art dot make-up case in black/silver.
  5. Depending on the case I'd do it too.
  6. I agree...depending on the style..
  7. some would be okay. i saw a girl use a tattersal plaid one at a football game a few weeks ago at a class reunion. looked alright.
  8. I love coach cosmetic cases. I have 5. I have a small one with a wrist strap that I going to start using to run errands.

  9. I would love to see a picture of the one that has a strap!
  10. Yes... It would be perfect!
  11. Certain styles would look great or you could use them when you travel to put your toiletries in.
  12. THanks for all the advise girls. The more I think about it the more I might try it out. :biggrin:
  13. I use a capacity wristlet as a costmetic case and a Madison cosmetic case as a clutch, so I vote yes.
  14. Yes, for sure ... I have used many a makeup case as a clutch and will again... Even my more common ones work for afternoon's when I just not in the mood for a purse..