Cough!!...cough!! New Coffer!!!

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  1. Im in love...:heart: ...So pretty and I was VERY impressed with the leather..nice and soft and smushy like my Prada ruched bags!!WOOHOO!
    Enjoy the pics..Im taking this coffer out for her first spin now!!LOL!


  2. Ahhhhh. Very nice.
  3. Gorgeous:love:

    Abolsutely love this! If you don't mind me asking what is the retail on this?
  4. It's gorgeous, congrats!!! Love the color!
  5. 1445....Plus 40 to overnight cuz I couldnt wait to get it!!LOL!
  6. Beautiful!! :love: Congrats and enjoy your first day out with her!
  7. :drool: Sooo trying not to order myself this bag... want it so bad!!!!
  8. I've been checking all morning for your pictures. Ahhhh, it's lovely on you. So glad to hear that you love it. Congrats Jill!!!!!

    I only felt the black leathered coffer in stores, it's nice and soft. Yummy....
  9. Just noticed that you have matching shoes too. Soooo jealous.... Heheeee. J/K. I'm really happy that you love it. =)
  10. It's gorgeous!!
  11. ooooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's so pretty :drool:
  12. You are gonna Love this bag!!!!!!! The versatility alone is priceless. By the way, Love your shoes! I Love the pointy toes:queen:

  13. Very nice and you have matching shoes


  14. I'm in LOVE with this bag! It is fabulous!!!! I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. OMG, I love it to bits.