<cough cough> Am I allergic to my Coach coat??

  1. Ladies, I'm so bummed!

    I got a fantastic deal on a suede coat at the Coach outlet the other day. It's a barn jacket light brown suede jacket, it's not exactly a stylish cut but it was so soft, the perfect weekend jacket. I was going to save it for fall but it's so cold today that I decided to wear it early. I put it on and packed my purse (XL black Coach soho hobo) and I started coughing, just occasionally, like I had a tickle in my throat. But about a minute later my coughing got worse...it was constant, and soon I started wheezing (which I almost never do, I don't have asthma). I took off the coat and hung it back up and put on my J Crew coat and the coughing stopped immediately. Ladies, am I allergic to my coat, and WHY? I'm fine around Coach suede.

    I'm very suspicious because these jackets were really on sale ($99 apiece, mine had a smudge on it and I got it for $50 final sale). Maybe other people had the same problem. I thought about listing it on eBay but I don't want someone else to have the same issue. Any ideas? I guess I could get it cleaned, I don't know if that will help, and it's an expensive solution to a problem with a cheap jacket. Arrgh! Any suggestions?
  2. I guess I should have spent more time with it on at the outlet, I just slipped it on momentarily. My throat even hurts now, I don't know what's going on.
  3. Oh I'm so sorry you're feeling under the weather! I don't know anything about the jacket so I can't help you there, but I know how it feels when you want something so badly and it just doesn't work out. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. Oh no! I don't know anything about the coat, but I'd imagine you could be allergic to either the suede or maybe the lining. I wish I had suggestions for you on how to try and test to see if it's an allergy or what, but I just don't know and I'd hate to say well, keep wearing it and see what happens and have you wind up getting worse!
  5. That's awful -- you found a spectacular deal and now it's not so good.
    I would perhaps give Coach a call -- maybe they "know something" and while they may not be able to confirm, they may authorize a return for the jacket.
    If not I'd try to get it professionally cleaned and see if that helps..
  6. What does the tag say that it's made of?
  7. Hmmm, could you hang it outside in a safe place for a day to let it air out? I wonder if maybe there is a coating on it or some kind of powder that can be aired out? Calling Coach is a good idea!
  8. I would give Coach a call and just talk to them about it. if not, I would sell it on eBay too, it's probably just a fluke thing, not everyone would have that reaction
  9. can you air it out? maybe some dust got on it
  10. I would try this first. This will sound...odd, but everything new goes through an "out gasing" process where the chemicals n such used the make it fade away. Letting it air out & calling coach would be the best bet right now. Then if it doesn't change or coach wont autho a return, hold onto it til at the end of summer and put it on eBay for the people searching for a fall jacket.
  11. ppl are searching for fall jackets right now! they also work as spring jackets
  12. I would dry clean it and see if that helps. Have you noticed this with other suede products?
  13. Bummer! That is so crazy! I hope you find a solution for this.... I'll keep my fingers crossed.
  14. That stinks, I hope it works out. I have no other suggestions other than what was posted here and I hope you utilize them (calling Coach and/or dry cleaning and airing it out) and let us know the results.