Cougar Town Ellie's Bag

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  1. Not sure if any of you watch Cougar Town with Courtney Cox but on tonight episode (Feb 3rd) in the very beginning, Jules and Ellie (her next door neighbor) are in the kitchen and Jules puts ellies light brown leather bag on the counter saying she forgot it the night before.

    It's a beautiful brown leather tote and I cannot identify it. Any help would be appreciated!!
  2. I think it is Linea Pelle Dylan Zip Tote...


  3. Thanks!! :smile:
  4. It is actually Michael Kors "Brookville"
  5. You're both right. Ellie has both these bags. I just watched it after reading this post. I had to TIVO it.

    The bag in the first scene is the LP Dylan Tote - in I think "Scotch" a tan color. Ellie left it at Jules house the day before and they are talking about the money Jules took from Ellie's bag. Ellie is wearing a beige sweater.

    Then a few scenes later, Ellie comes back in a grey running jacket and they are talking about a tennis lesson. In that scene she has the Michael Kors Brooklyn bag in the Tan color, very similiar in color to the LP, but the LP is slouchy and has double zippers on the botton and a long zipper on the top.

    I have the MK Brooklyn and want the LP Dylan!
  6. Good remembering of the scenes from Cougar Town! :tup:

    You should defintely get LP Dylan. I have the Dylan speedy, and the leather is very slouchy and soft. And compared with my two other Balenciagas, the leather is really similar. But for fraction of the price. LP is a very little known company in handbags and should be recognized!

  7. Cougar town is a good show lol, and funny :smile:

    I just ordered my LP Dylan Zip Tote like 5 mins ago. In purple! I was obsessed over it since this episode aired ...

    I'm excited!!
  8. Nice choice!
    It really has scrumptious leather!!!
    I would definitely get the zip tote as well if they have any good sales or coupon codes.
    I got my Dylan Speedy two years ago, and I got it for 40% off. It was a steal for such a beautiful leather bag.


    I love watching Cougar Town. It is a very hilarious show.

  9. haha you should be excited .... good for you