Cotton Summer Dresses?

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  1. Been looking online like crazy for some cotton summer dresses, but to no avail :[ I want to be prepared this summer, Florida gets so darn HOT!

    Anyone know where I can find some good, relatively low priced summer dresses? I wanted the tube/halter style dresses, but any I found weren't cotton & I'm just most comfortable in cotton in the summer time, heh. Thanks guys!

  2. Shot in the dark but how about Ralph Lauren stores or outlets and J Crew? My fav store is RL...I think I have about every color of their polos and sweaters b/c they're cotton and comfortable.
  3. J.Crew has very reasonable priced dresses and you know they're quality pieces:



  4. Thank you girls! Jasanna, look what I found off, cute!
  5. I love those, they're PERFECT! Thank you! Love the price too lol :P
  6. Try too for some more unusual looking dresses. Some of them are really pretty!
  7. OMG. They have some darn cute stuff there. Thanks vanojr9!
  8. Beautiful! And two colors I was looking for! Thank you! Okay, putting together a list of my options here. . .
  9. Check, American Eagle. They have really cute dresses right now for under $50!
  10. What do you think of this tube dress? With or without the belt?

  11. Abandoned, definitely with the belt. I wouldn't trust the tailoring of the dress itself to give you enough shape, because it's rare any tube-dress off the rack will! The belt will make you more hourglass-y. If you don't like that ribbon, you can always exchange it for another one. I think just a big, plain white grosgrain ribbon would look very fresh and unexpected with the khaki. Also a black ribbon or a navy ribbon would be great.